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HOUSEBROKE – Jaci Burton
Berkley Romance
ISBN: 978-0593439593
December 12, 2023
Romantic Comedy

Orlando, Florida – Present Day

Hazel Bristow loves animals, especially rescued dogs. She currently is fostering five dogs and has taught them how to behave. Unfortunately, Hazel is also homeless and is currently staying in a friend’s former house while waiting for it to be sold. The agreement was that once the house sold, Hazel would be notified, and she would leave. But one night, a strange man shows up and lets himself into the house. The man, Linc Kennedy, purchased the house in order to fix it up and then sell it. Everything seems okay in the house—until he discovers that it’s occupied by Hazel and her five dogs. 

Of course, Hazel doesn’t believe Linc at first that he bought the house, but he promptly gets hold of the former owners and confirms it for her. Whoops…her friend forgot to notify her of the sale. Hazel has no place to go and Linc has a sudden case of sympathy and agrees to let her stay the night. However, it turns out that Hazel is a great cook and Linc could use her to prepare his meals for him. In exchange, she can stay (with the dogs) in the pool house, and he will pay her a small stipend. Soon, however, Hazel moves into the main house after the air conditioning breaks down. By this time, the two are friends. Will living under the same roof lead them to share more than a house? 

What Hazel doesn’t know about Linc is that he is a millionaire who quit his investment career to start flipping houses. He is afraid to let on about his wealth due to women in the past seeing him for his bank account and not for him. But Linc soon realizes that Hazel is different. She recently went through a bad divorce with her ex-husband stealing her money. She is sweet, kind, and oh-so-sexy. How long in HOUSEBROKE will Linc wait before he tells Hazel the truth? She prefers her men to be honest and after her failed marriage, how can anyone not blame her? The five dogs are also part of this tale as each one has their own personality. If you like romance and dogs, then HOUSEBROKE is definitely for you.

Hazel and Linc start off tentatively as an employer/employee relationship and quickly build a friendship. He wants to help her, though she insists that she wants to remain independent. She thinks he is one of those house flippers who live off the proceeds of each house sale. Add in the suspense of how long it will be before Linc finishes this house, Hazel feels like she is living on the edge. Meanwhile, an attraction develops, and she is soon sharing his bedroom. While both went into this knowing that once the house is sold, they will likely not see each other again because Linc flips houses all over the United States. But sleeping together brings love. What will happen now? How will Hazel feel when she learns that Linc failed to mention that he is wealthy? What happens to the rescue dogs?

A fun and sizzling tale, HOUSEBROKE is an enjoyable read. The characters are likable, and the plot is intriguing. If you’re looking for a book that will keep you entertained, then be sure to grab a copy of HOUSEBROKE.

Patti Fischer

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