LOVE ME AGAIN - Jaci Burton
Hope , Book 7
ISBN: 978-0-399-58507-4
May 2017
Contemporary Romance

Hope, Oklahoma - Present Day

After her divorce, Loretta Simmons returns to her hometown with her nine-year-old daughter, Hazel, planning to make a fresh start on her own.  She bought a farm and has built a business for herself, but coming back to Hope hasn't been easy.  The biggest difficulty is the person working next door to her bookstore, though, and Loretta knows that it's time to face her past.

Deacon Fox was devastated when Loretta broke up with him after high school, but he'd finally put it in the past.  Or at least he thought he had, until Loretta moved back to Hope.  At first he did his best to avoid her, but now that he's renovating the building next to hers, he can't avoid her completely.  And as he gets to know Hazel, Deacon finds himself spending more time with Loretta as well.

While both Loretta and Deacon have stayed away from relationships recently, in LOVE ME AGAIN they get the second chance neither had been looking for.  They were high school sweethearts, but pressure from family and friends convinced Loretta to break up with Deacon and go to college out of state.  Now that she's putting her marriage behind her, Loretta is also determined to make her own choices, and stop letting other people influence her.  She'll do anything for her daughter but a part of her wishes Hazel wasn't so interested in what Deacon is doing.  Deacon is charmed by Hazel, and as he spends more time with Hazel and Loretta, he realizes his feelings for Loretta never died yet is he willing to take the chance that this time they might actually get their forever?

Many familiar faces are a part of the seventh book in the Hope series as the books center around a group of friends/family in the small Oklahoma town.  You won't be lost if you haven't read the previous books, but you are missing out, and LOVE ME AGAIN is another wonderful addition to the series.

Jennifer Bishop