SHOT ON GOLD - Jaci Burton
Play by Play,  Book 14
ISBN: 978-0-399-58516-6
February 2018
Contemporary Romance

Vancouver, British Columbia - Present Day

This is the third, and final, time, figure skater Amber Sloane will attend the Olympics.  At twenty-four, she's one of the older competitors in her sport, and she knows that this is her last chance to finally win an Olympic gold medal.  During her previous Games, Amber spent all her time working, and she's determined to not only win the gold, but also to have fun during her last visit to the Olympics.  Her whole life, Amber has focused on her figure skating to the exclusion of everything else; now it's time to live a little.

Hockey player Will “Mad Dog” Madigan is thrilled to be representing the U.S. for the second time.  Last time, they won the silver medal, and Will has every intention of bringing home the gold this time.  At one of the parties before the Games begin, Will meets Amber and they hit it off.  To his surprise, he finds himself wanting to spend his down-time with Amber, and not playing the field.  Neither one of them had been looking for a relationship, but as the Games start to wind down, both Amber and Will realize they may just have found one.

The latest  Play By Play  novel, SHOT ON GOLD, brings us back to the sport of hockey, but with a little more on the line than the Stanley Cup.  Having to compete against some of his St. Louis Ice teammates, while playing on the same team as some of his competitors, is part of the fun of playing in the Games.  For Will, the other fun part is all of the people and parties that come with staying in the Olympic village.  Though this is her third time competing in the Games, Amber has always followed her mother's very strict directions: no partying, no friends, no fun.  The last time she competed, Amber's roommate was a Canadian snowboarder named Lisa, and while Amber didn't attend the parties with Lisa, they did become friends.  They'll be rooming together again, and Amber's decided to enjoy more of the Games than just the competition this time around.  She gets to know some of the other athletes and for the first time, Amber is enjoying hanging out with friends.  Will is sort of the icing on the cake for her; someone who understands her competitive drive, the demands of her training, and still enjoys being with her.

The romance between Amber and Will is both sexy and fun, and set against the incredible backdrop of the Olympic Games.  Readers get a true sense of what it must be like to be an athlete, staying in the village with people from all over the world, and the excitement of competing in your sport and representing your country at the same time.  With the Winter Olympics right around the corner, SHOT ON GOLD is the perfect story to get you ready for the Games.

Jennifer Bishop