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CHANGING THE RULES – Catherine Bybee
Richter , Book 1
ISBN: 978-1542009911
March 23, 2021
Contemporary Romance

California – Present Day

Claire Kelly has seen just about everything in her six and half years working as an undercover investigator for MacBain Security and Solutions. Much of her time is spent blending in with the rich and famous at posh parties while keeping a close eye out for any problems. But her latest assignment is a new one for her. She is going undercover at a high school to pose as a student there. Claire can certainly pull off the looks, even if her experience—and expertise—goes beyond what any high school senior knows. Her assignment, and that of Jax, a fellow PI, is to infiltrate the school looking for signs of human sex trafficking. Several students have recently disappeared and ended up in a sadistic sex trafficking ring, and they need to find out if there is someone employed there—or a student—who might be involved.

Back in town to help with the case—and pose as a track coach at the school—is Cooper Lockman. Cooper had been in Europe working at another branch of their agency. There was a hint of attraction between Cooper and Claire six years ago, and once he left, she hadn't heard from him. Now they're working on a case together. Cooper soon reveals that the reason he left six years ago is that he felt Claire was too young for him to romance. But now that he is back, and she is older? Let's see where things go. Meanwhile, Claire and Jax, as well as Cooper, settle into their assignments. Soon, Claire is marking her tenure as the “rebel” and attending parties. Will they hit the mother lode and find out who is responsible for forcing high school girls into human trafficking? Will Claire and Cooper find time for a little romance?

It isn't just high school antics for Claire and Cooper in CHANGING THE RULES by Catherine Bybee. Claire hasn't forgotten her school years, but hers was different from most students. Her teen years were spent at Richter School in Germany, where she was trained and molded into a top-notch undercover agent for the MacBain Security and Solutions agency. She can use weapons with ease and dress up—or down—to fit into the scene. First thing Claire and Cooper will need to do is mix in with the students and facility. Hopefully, this will lead to someone's guard being caught down and a lead to materialize. They also will meet every few days to catch up with what they've learned. Claire and Cooper soon realize just how attracted they are to each other. Will they finally act upon those feelings?

CHANGING THE RULES isn't just a romance taking place at a high school. There is intrigue (human trafficking) and chasing leads—and suspects—to either rule out someone or find new ones. Things don't always go smoothly, especially with the bad guys not known to be hospitable toward others. Are Claire and Cooper on the right track going undercover at the school? How much danger will they be in? Once the gig is over, can they continue their romance?

A tale that will have you on the edge of your seat with its suspense and romantic hijinks, don't miss CHANGING THE RULES.

Patti Fischer

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