Victorian Rebels
St. Martin's
ISBN-10: 1250122562
ISBN-13: 978-1250122568
August 2018
Historical Romance  

England – 1858 and 1878  

Lorelai Weatherstoke is the one who spots the body from the family carriage on the stormy night. Her older brother stops the driver and they bring the badly injured man to their home. Lorelai, as she has done for rescued animals all her young life, helps to nurse the young man back to health. She is, herself, crippled by a deliberate “accident” when her brother crushed her ankle. His cruelty and nasty behavior towards both his father and his sister are observed by the injured man as he recovers.  

Unable to recall anything, even his name, Ash, as Lorelai calls him, struggles to regain his strength and show his appreciation to the fifteen year old “nurse” who has been by his side from the first. Ash sees first-hand the beastly behavior of her brother, Mortimer, and when he finally can leave the sick bed, is determined to help Lorelai. But Mortimer has other ideas.  

Twenty years later, The Rook returns to wreak vengeance on those who hurt him and to rescue Lorelai. But the man that Lorelai knew no longer exists; at least he's nothing like the gentle Ash. He is rough talking, angry, and dispatches those who made his life so difficult. Lorelai is unaware of what happened to him after Mortimer took Ash to a potential position in town all those years ago. Her brother told her that Ash suddenly regained his memory and returned to his roots. Now Lorelai must cope with the man who has kidnapped her and her sister-in-law, and try to understand what happened to the young man she loved.  

The sixth book of the Victorian Rebels series, THE DUKE WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO is a heart wrenching tale of two people who survive despite the hardships that engulf them as young people. Lorelai lives with a weak father who lets his cruel son rule their lives with his fists and his verbal abuse. Ash has endured unbelievable hardship most of his life, and his escape from it all has turned him into a hard, distrustful man known throughout Great Britain as a pirate. Will the two ever be able to regain what they had as youngsters?

Jani Brooks