The Victorian Rebels Series , Book 5
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-12254-4
October 2017
Historical Romance

Scotland, 1880

When Gavin was less than twelve, his profligate and cruel father, Laird of the Mackenzie, made him and his brothers, Liam and Hamish, whip and tup a local whore. It is something that Gavin has never forgotten or forgiven. He now plans to disassociate himself from the clan name and become Earl of Thorne, a title inherited from his mother's side. He will sell his share in the Ravencroft Distillery to his estranged brother, Liam, and become Thorne St. James. He will purchase Errandale Estate, abandoned by the last family member, Alison Ross, who lives in America. He plans to raise the estate's cattle and build a new life untainted by the Mackenzie name.

During a train robbery where she followed her husband and his brothers' direction, Samantha Masters kills her husband to save the life of a woman on the train he plans to kill. Alison Ross knows Samantha will have to escape her husband's brothers, and being well off, gives Samantha her name and sends her to Scotland to prevent any Mackenzie from ever gaining Errandale Estate. A tough, hardened orphan from Texas, Samantha believed her husband saved her but now believes he used and deceived her. Once in Scotland, Samantha is no pushover to the overbearing Earl of Thorne, and thwarts his plans.

Gavin's run-ins with Alison anger him, but the bonny lass also attracts him like no other. Therein begins a convoluted romance with sassy interchanges hindered by disagreements, past secrets, and family hatreds. Liam Mackenzie (from THE HIGHLANDER, book 3 in this series) plays an important part, as does his wife Mena, in bringing accord to the couple, that is until murder charges are made against Samantha.

A dark but captivating read.

Robin Lee