The Princess Diaries,
Book 11

A Perfect 10
William Morrow
ISBN: 978-0-06-237908-5
June 2015
Contemporary Fiction

Genovian Consulate, New York City – Present Day

Years have passed since Princess Mia last wrote in her journal. And now, with the stress of royal life starting to get her down, she turns back to her tried and true method of dealing with tough times…journaling. And with her father in trouble with the law, her boyfriend acting strangely, and the paparazzi becoming more and more of a hindrance to her life, there's a lot to keep her on edge.

Everything is suddenly brighter when Michael proposes to Mia, which explains all the secrecy. Suddenly, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. But Mia forgot about her grandmother, and just what a royal wedding means nowadays. Will Mia be able to survive planning a wedding with two thousand guests? Not to mention the rest of the world watching it on live TV!

Many years have passed since the last Princess Diaries novel, FOREVER PRINCESS (2008), but author Meg Cabot has delighted fans with the release of ROYAL WEDDING, continuing Mia's tale of awkward girl going royal. And Ms. Cabot does not disappoint! All the favorite characters are back, with new hijinks to keep Mia on the edge of her royal seat.

Mia shows how she has grown since the last book by rolling with every punch and taking it all in stride – and maybe a little bit of schnapps now and then to smooth it down. The Princess's family is still crazy, but the characters are all the ones long time readers know and love. Meg Cabot stays true to her original story line, characters, and everything that her die-hard fans love.

For bringing back a beloved character, ROYAL WEDDING well deserves a high rating. But the writing, story, and perfect ending make this book more than worthy of a Perfect 10!

No news as of yet whether there will be more Princess Diaries novels, though the author has mentioned Princess Mia might feature in her new middle grade series, FROM THE NOTEBOOKS OF A MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCESS (May 2015).

Amanda Toth