St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-250-11668-0
April 2017
Erotic Romance

New York City – Present Day

Stevie is a female cab driver working in a rough city, so she's used to the men she picks up trying to talk her into a sexual encounter, but she always turns them down. She's just broken up with her live-in boyfriend and feeling blue when a friend she's talking to suggests she have a one night stand with the next fare she picks up. While she brushes aside her friend's suggestion, a handsome, sexy stranger grabs her taxi. Maybe having a one night stand with the man, Reid, would turn out to be a good idea after all. They do, and the sex ends up being a red-hot sizzling fling that soon turns into two nights. Reid's best friend, Dylan, is even invited into sharing Stevie. As they spend even hotter nights together, Stevie fears she's falling in love, and that's the last thing she wants to happen.

A FARE TO REMEMBER is one blistering hot read as Stevie, Reid and Dylan get to enjoy having sex with each other. Oh, yeah, there is a plot: Stevie loves her job as a cab driver because it allows her to remain independent and she meets lots of interesting characters. She's not in the habit of having sex with her customers, but after being down in the dumps over finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman, she's ready to break her rules. Reid slides into her cab, and Stevie can see right away that he's a rich businessman who's probably only in town on business. What a perfect man for her one night fling. Once they agree to spend a night together, she tempts him even further by dressing in sexy clothes, and they even end up having sex in the dark outside her cab. Their sexual appetite is just getting started when she meets Reid's friend Dylan and she wants them both…but at the same time? Why, yes!

While Stevie enjoys the fabulously erotic fling, she keeps her emotions under control because she doesn't want to fall for anyone. Years ago, she fell in love with another guy, but their relationship was crushed by their families, and it's left her unable to accept love from any man. Meanwhile, Reid is enjoying their “arrangement” so well (Dylan is too) that he wants it to be something more than temporary. But the moment he presses her with the “I love you” words, he finds out Stevie can't get away fast enough. Will Stevie, Reid and Dylan finally get their happily-ever-after?

As I stated earlier, A FARE TO REMEMBER is a sexy, steamy, and scorching tale. If you're into a red-hot erotic romance (and yes, there is a romance), then look no further than A FARE TO REMEMBER, one I suspect you won't soon forget.

Holly Tibbs