Saved by the Blog,  Book 2
Harlequin Special Edition
ISBN: 978-0-373-62379-2
September 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Bayside, Virginia – Present Day

Carissa Blackwell invested a lot of herself in her marriage, only to have it end after her now ex cheated on her. She decides to start over in the town she grew up in, Bayside, but how will everyone treat her? Shortly after Carissa graduated from high school, she was forced to leave town with her parents, leaving behind friends…and her boyfriend, Jasper Dumont. She doesn't think Jasper lives there anymore, but much to her surprise, he does. And the sparks between them are rekindled. Then there is the town's gossipy blogger, who seems to know every move Carissa and Jasper make.

Jasper never forgot Carissa, but he also can't forget that she dumped him without an explanation right after graduation. He's now running the family company and daily makes major decisions, but after seeing Carissa again, he's unsure of how he feels. She dumped him, but now she's back. After Jasper helps Carissa jumpstart her catering business, things heat up between them. Is there a chance they can start over again and have a future together?

Carissa married right out of college to a man she thought she'd spend the rest of her life with, but the man treated her like a trophy wife. One that should accept his extramarital affairs. But Carissa couldn't take it anymore and they divorced, though because of the prenuptial agreement she left with what she brought into the marriage. Her aunt offers her the use of her cottage while she's gone, so Carissa makes the decision to return to Bayside, the town where she grew up, knowing it'll have memories for her of Jasper. But coming face-to-face with Jasper throws her for a loop, reminding her that she still hasn't gotten over him.

Jasper has money and continues to make money. Yet all the money in the world can't buy love…or Carissa. But he'll do anything to win her back, though he's not sure what will happen once he succeeds. Does he want to take up where they left off? Meanwhile, Jasper enjoys helping Carissa with her catering business, but she's proud and doesn't want him to be her benefactor. This sets off clashes between them as she battles him because she wants to do things on her own. After living a life under the control of her parents, then a husband, one can understand Clarissa's need for independence.

BIDDING ON THE BACHELOR is part of the  Saved by the Blog  series by Kerri Carpenter, but can easily be read as a standalone without any difficulty. The first book features Jasper's brother, Cam, and Elle, an old high school friend of Carissa's. Cam and Elle's tale is told in FALLING FOR THE RIGHT BROTHER, out now.

Rekindled love proves the right stuff in BIDDING ON THE BACHELOR as Carissa and Jasper rediscover their love. Will it lead to a happily-ever-after? Find out in this entertaining tale.

Patti Fischer