A Perfect 10
Thunder Point, Book 6
ISBN-13:  978-0-7783-1644-2
September 2014
Contemporary Romance

Thunder Point, Oregon – Present Day

When he was nineteen years old, Seth Silesky had everything anyone could want.  He left Thunder Point a football hero, having signed a contract to play for the Seattle Seahawks, which brought him enough money to buy a speedy, fancy car that he loved more than anything.  Seth was on top of the world…until Oscar Spellman, a plain working man, drove through a stop sign and right into the path of Seth's speeding vehicle.  Seth was not hurt, but Oscar became a paraplegic.  The accident was not Seth's fault even though he was speeding, but that one quick moment of fate forever changed his life's path.

Now, after years of working and waiting, Seth returns to Thunder Point as the new deputy, taking over for Mac McCain so Mac can move on to a new lieutenant's job in the nearby town of Coquille.  It's been sixteen years since he left, but Seth has often been back to Thunder Point to visit his family, always hoping he can melt the ice that his father calls a heart.  Ever since that accident, Seth's father stopped speaking to his youngest son.  Seth has no idea why his father is so distant, and wonders if it was because he blew his chance with the Seahawks.  All Seth is sure of is that his dad is not happy around him.

With this new job, Seth's mission is to keep Thunder Point safe, try to renew his friendship with his dad, and maybe persuade his neighbor, Iris McKinley, that he cares for her.  Iris and Seth grew up living next door to each other.  They were always the best of friends.  Iris was not the most popular girl in school, but she could hold her own.  If Seth got out of line, she'd punch him, then set about straightening him out.  Now that he's working in Thunder Point every day, Seth is beginning to realize that he wants Iris to be more than just his friend.

High school counselor Iris McKinley has always been in love with Seth Silesky, but one night in high school changed everything.  Seth got drunk that night and she rescued him, then one thing led to another, and Iris gave Seth her virginity.  He was so drunk, he never knew what they did that night.  And a few days later, he blew off his promise to take her to the prom and took another girl instead.  Now all Iris wants to do is forget Seth even exists. Her position as counselor requires that she will sometimes work side by side with him helping the troubled kids in her charge, but that's as far as Iris will let their relationship go.  Seth hurt her badly all those years ago, and she refuses to set herself up once again for a broken heart.

THE HOMECOMING is a joy and a hardship for Seth.  Everyone in Thunder Point has welcomed him back, except the one person he most wants to be with.  Iris seems to hate him these days, and he doesn't know why.  Somehow he must find a way to open her heart once again.

Lots of action is here in THE HOMECOMING; Iris and Seth work with trouble teens and bring to light issues that need to be solved in the local high school.  Also a visit with Oscar's family is a real eye opener to the compassion shared by Seth for the man whom fate brought into his life.  Full of romance, witty dialogue, and dramatic events involving some new characters, THE HOMECOMING is the sixth novel in the Thunder Point series, following THE PROMISE (July 2014), THE CHANCE (February, 2014), THE WANDERER (April 3013), THE NEWCOMER (July 2013), and THE HERO (September 2013). For more on all of the books, please visit the author's website: .  

THE HOMECOMING is a Perfect 10!  The love story about Seth and Iris is a true keeper!

Diana Risso