Kate Burkholder Series, Book 3
Minotaur Books
ISBN: 978-0-312-37499-0
July 2011
Suspense Fiction

Painters Mill, Ohio - Present Day

Not much happens in the small town of Painters Mill .  Chief of Police Kate Burkholder wants to keep it that way.  However, that is not to be.  Tension is rising due to a string of hate crimes targeting the Amish; Kate knows something must be done.  Born Amish, Kate understands their lifestyle and desire for privacy.  The state sends in Special Agent John Tomasetti, with whom Kate has had a long term, on-going relationship. Before John arrives, another incident occurs. Kate is shocked when called to the scene of a terrible accident that happened on the Slabaughs' family farm.

Honest, hardworking Amish, the Slabaugh family is torn apart when both parents, Rachel and Solomon, and Uncle Abel die from methane gas asphyxiation due to a  poorly ventilated cesspit. Okay, the manure pit.  Kate knows this type of accident is not common, but it has occurred.  After the coroner takes the bodies away, he makes the discovery that one of the victims suffered a head wound and broken fingers; this was not an accident.  Now she must find out if these murders are part of the ongoing hate crimes against the Amish.

John arrives on the scene, and they find themselves immersed in an investigation that pits them against an unforeseen force that is not to be believed.

BREAKING SILENCE starts off with a bang, and the action and suspense doesn't stop till the final page.  Linda Castillo has highlighted the quiet and unusual world of the Amish, whose grace and dignity will not be shaken.  This is the third book of the series with the character of Chief Kate Burkholder.  Kate is strong and feels she must prove herself. She suffers from insomnia, from her own demons, yet when the chips are down, she faces the killer, face to face.  I call her fearless.

I haven't read the other two books from this series, PRAY FOR SILENCE, and SWORN to SILENCE. But after completing this book, I really want to read them.

The story line is bold, and the plot will give readers the chills as it unfolds. Blend in the Amish culture with Kate's past and toss in a little bit of romance between Kate and John, then add a killer whom nobody would ever suspect and you have a winner.

Enjoy, folks.

Deborah C Jackson