A LITTLE MORE LOVE - Kendra Leigh Castle
Harvest Cove , Book 5
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-1-101-99016-2
September 2016
Contemporary Romance

Harvest Cove, Massachusetts Present Day

Still getting back on her feet after losing her job and her boyfriend, Kira Andersen is glad for the chance to spend a month with her twin brother, Seth, before his wedding.  As a bonus, the magazine that Kira has written a few articles for believes that reclusive author Malcolm Roy lives in Harvest Cove, and since Kira plans to be there anyway, she's hoping to land the interview that may just get her career back on track.  What she hadn't counted on was being picked up at the airport by Seth's friend Fitz.  Considering how much they have in common, Kira can't help but wonder if Seth is trying his hand at matchmaking, but a short-term fling is the last thing Kira needs.

Kira is unlike most women Fitz has ever known, and he's surprised to find himself seriously attracted to her right up until she admits she's hoping to land an interview with Malcolm Roy.  Fitz has taken great pains to keep his identity as a superstar author a secret from his small hometown, and he definitely doesn't need Kira blowing his cover.  She surprises him once again when she e-mails him a sincere request for an interview, and Fitz wonders if maybe it's time to reveal his secret.  Except, the more he gets to know her as Fitz, the more he worries that admitting to being Malcolm Roy just may blow up in his face.

The final book in the Harvest Cove series, A LITTLE MORE LOVE brings together a group of friends and family in a small New England town.  Fitz has been a part of the series since the beginning as he is best friends with Jake (FOR THE LONGEST TIME) and Shane (COME ON CLOSER) and was around as they were falling in love.  Kira is Seth's (EVERY LITTLE KISS) sister, and she's been at loose ends lately.  She's grateful for a chance to get away from everything her life's become while also reconnecting with her brother.  She's a huge fan of Malcolm Roy's books, and interviewing him would be a dream come true, and not just because of the job possibilities.  Fitz is a complication she wasn't looking for, but they have so much in common, and Kira really enjoys spending time with him.  Fitz's friends have been warning him that his anonymity is coming to an end, but until he meets Kira, he refuses to see it.  At first, he's adamantly against the interview, but between the candid e-mails they are exchanging and the time he's spending with her, Fitz comes to realize that it's time.  But, how will that affect the relationship that's grown between them and become way more serious than either of them had intended?

A charming story that blends romance, friendship and humor, A LITTLE MORE LOVE should not be missed.

Jennifer Bishop