COME ON CLOSER - Kendra Leigh Castle
Harvest Cove Series , Book 4
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-1-101-99002-5
March 2016
Contemporary Romance

Harvest Cove, Massachusetts - Present Day

Larkin O'Neill has been warned by pretty much every one of her friends that dating Shane Sullivan is a bad idea.  He's already worked his way through almost every eligible woman in Harvest Cove, so his love‘em and leave‘em reputation is well deserved.  After attending their friends' wedding together, Larkin has gotten to know Shane a little better, and they've become friends.  She's been doing a pretty good job of keeping her attraction to him under control, but one unexpected kiss changes everything.

Shane can't understand why nobody in Harvest Cove can see that he's grown up.  Sure, he doesn't seem to take much seriously, and he does his best to do as little work as possible, but his womanizing ways were a thing in high school – not now.  Ever since his friend Jake's wedding, Shane has had his eye on Larkin.  She sees beyond the surface of him that nobody else can get past, and he enjoys everything about her. Is it possible Larkin can see enough to give Shane a chance?

In COME ON CLOSER, it seems as if it's a case of opposites attracting.  Shane comes from a wealthy family, was given every advantage, and now is a lawyer in his father's firm.  Larkin grew up in near poverty with a dysfunctional family, worked her way through college, and now owns and operates a successful bakery.  Yet they are more alike than it seems, a fact that becomes clear the more time they spend together.  Their relationship progresses from friends to lovers gradually and is fun to watch.

While COME ON CLOSER is part of the Harvest Cove series, it's really Larkin and Shane's book, so you don't have to read them in order to enjoy this novel.  Fans will get a chance to see how things are going for the couples featured in earlier stories, but the focus really remains on Larkin and Shane.  A truly enjoyable story with likable characters, don't miss COME ON CLOSER.

Jennifer Bishop