ONE OF THESE NIGHTS – Kendra Leigh Castle
The Harvest Cove Series , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-451-46760-7
September 2015
Contemporary Romance

Harvest Cove, Massachusetts – The Present

As a severe thunderstorm moves in, Jason Evans, park ranger at Owens State Park, is out investigating a report about odd noises coming from trees along one of the trails. The noise turns out to be a small dog. Jason is less than thrilled finding one of those small, yippy type dogs, but Jason connects better with animals than he does people. He saves the dog as the deluge starts, but returning to his car, a tree comes down. In avoiding the tree Jason falls, breaking his leg. The dog climbs onto him and keeps watch. At least he has a radio on his belt.

After moving to Harvest Cove from Atlanta, Zoe Watson started an art gallery called Two Roads. Samantha Smith (heroine of FOR THE LONGEST TIME), Zoe's best friend, also works in the gallery and displays her work there. Sam is married to the local vet whose cousin is Jason, and she tells Zoe of the accident. Jason is one of the gallery's customers. Zoe has nicknamed him Treebeard, as he continually tracks large amounts of dirt across the gallery floor whenever he comes in. She has reprimanded him for it. When she hears Jason was saving a dog when he had his accident, she visits him as he recuperates at home. Somehow she ends up running interference as his ‘girlfriend' when Jason's bossy, interfering mom comes to take care of him.

How can two such opposite and mismatched personalities make a couple? It makes an interesting story. Especially when both want the other's attraction no matter how much they deny it. Jason has already had one disastrous marriage. Maybe Rosie, the little rescue dog, can help. The characterizations are great, some of the characters familiar, and the situations often humorous in their dysfunction. This enjoyable story will keep readers involved.

Robin Lee