BACK IN THE ENEMY'S BED – Michelle Celmer
Dynasties: The Newports, Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2484
ISBN: 978-0-373-73497-9
November 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Grace Winchester, along with her sisters, has tried to shield their dying father, Sutton, from stress, but that's hard to do with the Newport twins, her father's business rivals, putting pressure on him to reveal the name of their father. When the Newports enlist the aid of wealthy private investigator Roman Slater on the case, Grace feels like she's up against a pack of wolves. Grace and Roman dated years ago, but their romance ended badly. Now her father wants her to get close to Roman again to find out what he's up to. Reluctantly, she agrees. However, being around Roman rekindles the sparks and they're soon looking for the nearest bedroom.

Roman can't get over the fact that Grace abandoned their relationship years ago, and as a bit of revenge, he wants to use her to get to her father for the info needed by the Newports. But being around her stirs old feelings, and when he sees another man show interest in her, Roman is ready to claim her as his! Neither can resist the other, but how will Grace's father react when he realizes they're seeing one another? Sutton never liked Roman in the first place, and now that he's working for the Newports, that hatred has surely increased.

Grace and Roman discover their love for each other never really died in BACK IN THE ENEMY'S BED by Michelle Celmer. Their young romance got off to a shaky start years ago, especially with Sutton's dislike of Roman, so when she ended it, he felt betrayed and joined the military. In the intervening years, Roman has built a successful security investigation agency and counts the Newport brothers as valued friends. When they ask him for help in locating their unknown father, the only possible person who might know the answer is Sutton, due to his relationship with their mother. Sutton has already been ruled out as the twins' father, but is the father of their youngest brother, Carson (you can find his story in SAYING YES TO THE BOSS). Roman will have to use his relationship with Grace to get close to Sutton.

Grace loves her father, but even she knows he is not liked by a lot of people due to his rascally behavior. However, he's dying and the family wants to keep his final weeks—or days—as peaceful as possible. Realizing she's still attracted to Roman, she can't say no to a relationship, especially when he protects her from a local legislator who is pressuring her for some info she might have. Roman does an investigation, and it soon turns out the thumb drive in her possession is enough to put the man away, but the FBI is threatening to put her there also. Roman has to work hard to stop that, because he wants her safe and in his arms.

BACK IN THE ENEMY'S BED is part of the Dynasties: The Newports series and could be read as a standalone, but why miss out on the intriguing stories? Reunion romances are a fun read and Roman and Grace's is no different. With the Newport parentage mystery and the crooked legislator adding a new wrinkle, BACK IN THE ENEMY'S BED is a tale readers won't want to miss.

Patti Fischer