Daughters of Power: The Capital , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2210
ISBN: 978-0-373-73223-4
February 2013
Series Romance

Southern California – Present Day

As the only daughter of a powerful senator, one would think Rowena Tate would be part of the social scene and doted on by her father. But after a disastrous relationship in her wild days left her single and pregnant, Rowena lives her life tucked away in her father's mansion running a daycare that includes her disabled son, Dylan.  When the senator invites British diplomat Colin Middlebury to stay at the mansion, it shouldn't be a surprise that Colin and Rowena run into each other, but maybe it is surprising that they become attracted to each other. Is Rowena returning to her wild and wanton ways?

Colin was warned by the senator to stay away from Rowena, but after witnessing her nightly swims in the pool, their friendship soon turns into a fling. It's a forbidden fantasy both find irresistible, well aware that it will end once Colin has finished his business with the senator. Yet Rowena and Colin grow closer, even taking the risk that their affair will be discovered by her father. Are they playing with fire…or building something else as the days—and nights—go on?

Michelle Celmer has penned a heart tugging and sizzling tale with BEDROOM DIPLOMACY. Wild and unrepentant years ago, life changed for Rowena when she found herself pregnant and alone. Dylan has cerebral palsy that has left her beholden to her father for financial support and a roof over their head. Rowena puts up being treated almost like Cinderella, kept away from social functions for fear she'll embarrass the senator again. Despite being warned off, Colin is intrigued by Rowena and finds her beautiful, smart, and brave. The two hit it off, resulting in several sexual liaisons by the pool. They soon grow closer, and Rowena begins to think of ways to finally get away from her father, though she's fully aware there's no future with Colin.

Colin is a decorated war hero and will do anything to protect those he cares for. As he begins to understand how the senator treats Rowena, he wonders why she puts up with it and how he can help her. He'd consider a relationship with her, but he has responsibilities in England and she's made it clear she can't leave Dylan's doctors.

Part of the Daughters of Power: The Capital series, BEDROOM DIPLOMACY could be read as a standalone as there is minimal mention of the series plotline about the scandal that began in the first book, A CONFLICT OF INTEREST. But why miss out on the latest regarding the phone hacking and illegitimate presidential daughter?

With an adorable three year-old with disabilities and a woman battling her past reputation, Rowena is a sympathetic character that readers will surely be rooting for. War hero Colin is no slouch either, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess that he soon becomes her knight in shining armor. If you love fairytale stories, then BEDROOM DIPLOMACY is a must read for you.

Patti Fischer