The Caroselli Inheritance , Book 2
Harlequin Desire
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73239-5
March 2013
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois - Present Day

Robert Caroselli is sitting in a hotel bar on New Year's Eve feeling sorry for himself.  His girlfriend walked out on him with another man, not that he really cares, but it's just the idea that burns him; that and his other troubles have given him a melancholy mood.  His family, who are also his co-workers at Caroselli Chocolates, just hired some marketing guru from California to help them with sales, and since he is the marketing director, it's their way of telling him he can't do his job!  And then there's that tempting offer his grandfather, Giuseppe Caroselli, proposed to Robert and his other two cousins: fifteen million dollars to be the first Caroselli to produce an heir.  Talk about pressure!

Caroline Taylor is looking for a place to sit down, rest her feet, and watch the ball drop in Times Square.  Here, in the hotel bar, she sees only one empty chair in the place, but the table is occupied.  Oh well, her feet are killing her, so maybe the man sitting there will share?

Rob doesn't mind sharing his table; this beautiful woman might just offer him a New Year's kiss.  They introduce themselves over the blaring music and he knows her name is Carrie, but apparently she thinks his name is Ron.  Robert figures it won't matter anyhow, they'll probably never see each other after tonight, so who cares?

One New Year's kiss leads to a one night stand for Rob and Carrie, and there just might be an heir for Giuseppe as CAROSELLI'S BABY CHASE continues The Caroselli Inheritance miniseries.  CAROSELLI'S BABY CHASE is the second book in this series, following Nick and Terri's story in CAROSELLI'S CHRISTMAS BABY (November 2012).

When Rob and Caroline meet inside the offices of Caroselli Chocolates, it's a surprise for both of them.  Caroline/Carrie is the person who's supposed to fix Rob's lagging sales, which brings a multitude of problems for them both.  For one, Rob and Carrie cannot keep their hands off each other whenever they are alone, and secondly, Carrie never, ever enters into a relationship with a co-worker.  New Year's Eve was just one big mistake they both want to forget!

Robert and Carrie make a prefect couple, and their passions sizzle. CAROSELLI'S BABY CHASE is a must read!

Diana Risso