The Caroselli Inheritance Miniseries , Book 1
Harlequin Desire
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73207-4
November 2012
Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Ninety-two-year-old Guiseppe Caroselli is offering each of his three grandsons ten million dollars to marry and have a child before he dies, and at his age, time is a definite factor! Guiseppe wants a male heir to carry on the Caroselli name, and grandsons, Nicholas, Robert, and Antonio are intrigued with this latest challenge of their beloved Nanno.

Nicholas, the eldest grandson, has been friends with Theresa Phillips since they were in grade school. Tonight, at their favorite restaurant on their weekly Thursday night dinner, Terri breaks the news that she is having a baby! No, she is not pregnant yet; unfortunately there is no Mr. Right in her foreseeable future, but she has decided to silence her ticking biological clock on her own. Terri wants to have in vitro fertilization. Nick has ideas of his own, and proposes a merger. He tells Terri the secret he swore to Nanno not to tell to anyone and tells Terri she should just marry him! What better way to benefit them both? Terri wants a baby, Nick wants ten million dollars…it's perfect! Nick also proposes a plan to save them even more money; they can make the baby the old fashioned way!

CAROSELLI'S CHRISTMAS BABY is a heartwarming novel just in time for Christmas. Nick and Terri have been best friends for a long time, but Terri is worried that their special bond will be ruined by this crazy plan of Nick's. They tried living together as friends once upon a time, and it ended in disaster. Secretly, neither of them will admit that they've been attracted to each other for years! Terri wants a hands-off policy, and Nick thinks a little hanky-panky while they're married will be perfect. Will there be a CAROSELLI'S CHRISTMAS BABY waiting under the mistletoe for Terri and Nick?

Terri is an orphan, having lost her only relative when her aunt died, but you will love Nick's family! These secondary characters sparkle with energy. There is a bit of mystery lurking in the shadows, with a new employee skulking in corners, and Nick discovering things about his parents he wish he never knew! I felt the book ended a little abruptly, but that aside, I enjoy all of Ms. Celmer's books, and I especially loved Nick and Terri's story from the very first page. CAROSELLI CHRISTMAS BABY is the first in a new miniseries, The Caroselli Inheritance , but I've been unable to find out any information on subsequent titles and release dates for Robert and Antonio's stories. That aside, do not miss the chance to read the beginning of a lively and fun romantic miniseries!


Patti Fischer