Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2389
ISBN: 978-0-373-73402-3
August 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Trapper Cove, New York - Present Day

Billionaire Jason Cavanaugh recently learned that his twin brother had died of a drug overdose and decides to clean out the apartment where his twin had lived. To his surprise, a woman is there, and she has an ever bigger surprise for Jason: she's his brother's widow and she is the mother of his twins. Holly Shay seems fragile and an innocent in what happened to his brother, yet when Jason asks her and the babies to visit this home in upstate New York, he doesn't let on how rich he is because he's afraid she's a gold digger. However, after they arrive at his place, a sizzle of attraction rises between them. Is he playing with fire for getting involved with his brother's widow?

Life hasn't been easy for Holly after losing her parents in a car crash that injured her when she was a child, but she's managed to survive. Falling in love and marrying the father of her babies, she thought things would get better. However, between caring for preemie twins and finding her husband dead in bed, she's at the end of her rope. She was surprised to learn that she has a brother-in-law, and wonders at first if her attraction to Jason is based upon the brothers' similar looks. Being around Jason soon pushes that thought aside, because he is nothing like his brother. She wants him with an ever growing passion. But how will she react when she learns he's really really rich? Will he think she's only after his money?

It's twins everywhere in DEMANDING HIS BROTHER'S HEIRS by Michelle Celmer. Jason's twin was the family's black sheep brother and they'd not been in contact in years. It was only by chance that Jason learned his brother was dead, and he made the trek to New York City to gather his brother's personal belongings, only to discover Holly and the twin boys. He doesn't want to reveal his true wealth to Holly in case she thinks she can get money out of him, though his gut tells him that she seems to be a genuine person. While Jason asks Holly to stay the summer with him at his home with the intention of seeing if she was a fit mother, he soon realizes he's attracted to her.

Holly wouldn't do anything to hurt her children, and she is wary at first of her attraction for Jason. Is it because he looks like her late husband? Jason is kind, gentle and loves the twins. He will do anything for them-and her. His kindness towards her has her soon falling in love. And after she learns about his past health issues with his heart, she wonders if she is facing another doomed relationship. But a bigger shock is learning just how rich he is.

The relationship between Jason and Holly is sizzling in DEMANDING HIS BROTHER'S HEIRS when they finally give into their passion for each other. While neither is looking for love in this intriguing tale, they can't avoid it. Will Jason and Holly take the next step to happiness? Find out in this enjoyable tale I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer