Billionaires and Babies
Harlequin Desire #2175
ISBN: 978-0-373-73188-6
August 2012
Series Romance

The European Country of Varieo Present Day

Vanessa Reynolds is in a plane touching down on an airport in the small country of Varieo, ready to meet the man who might, or might not, be her fiancé. Her six month infant, Mia, is strapped into her car seat and more than ready to disembark, if her loud cries are any indication. Usually a quiet baby, Mia probably just feels her mother's nervousness. Ever since Gabriel's proposal, Vanessa has been on pins and needles. She likes the idea of marrying a king, but she isn't sure. Torn between the need to provide for her baby daughter and the desire to feel that zing of love, Vanessa agreed to fly to Varieo. Gabriel persuaded her that their love only needs a chance to grow. Gabriel is her friend, not a lover, and Vanessa respects him immensely. But, Gabriel is fifty-six years old, more than half again her own age. Tired and anxious, Vanessa is shocked and troubled when she disembarks the plane and Gabriel is nowhere in sight. Instead, he has sent his devastatingly handsome son to meet her.

Prince Marcus Salvatora intends to dispose of this woman quickly. He is sure Vanessa is only after his father's money. Why else would a twenty-four year old woman agree to marry an old man? She's a gold digger, plain and simple.

Vanessa is a PRINCESS IN THE MAKING when she lands in Gabriel Salvatora's country and begins her life in his palace. Unavoidably detained away from his kingdom, Gabriel assigns his son, Marcus, to watch after Vanessa until he can return, which might be weeks from now. Marcus is certain that Vanessa is out to trap his father for his wealth and power, but as he gets to know her, he slowly wonders if he is barking up the wrong tree. The woman seems genuinely sincere. Marcus's problem drastically changes. Suddenly, instead of stopping his father's wedding, he fights to keep his own hands off of Vanessa. And Vanessa is having lustful fantasies about Marcus as well, fanning the flames of guilt. What are these two potential lovers to do? As much as they try to deny their attraction to each other, Vanessa and Marcus find themselves in a hopeless situation, each falling in love with the other while not knowing how to resolve their dilemma. A wonderful story, PRINCESS IN THE MAKING is truly charming!

Diana Risso