Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2133
ISBN: 978-0-373-73146-6
January 2012
Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Former pro hockey star turned entrepreneur Coop Landon is in desperate need of a nanny after he is left with the custody of his late brother and sister-in-law's infant twin girls. He's in the midst of trying to broker a major deal in his business, and having to assume responsibility for the twins is slowing the negotiations. The moment he interviews Sierra Evans, Coop not only knows she's the right person for the job, but finds himself attracted to her. Dare he try to mix in a bit of pleasure with the nanny?

Sierra has a secret, and if Coop discovers the truth, he will likely toss her out on her backside. She loves the twins and treats them as if they were her own. Well, they are since she'd given birth to them, and she is uncertain about Coop taking care of them now that the parents who adopted them are gone. Sierra can't afford to raise them, but she wants to make sure Coop is the right person to be their guardian. The man is devastatingly handsome, and sparks of desire immediately flare between them. But Sierra is aware that getting involved with Coop is treading dangerous waters if he discovers who she really is. Will Sierra decide Coop is the right man to raise her daughters, and can she even envision permanently being in their—and Coop's—lives?

Both Coop and Sierra are hard workers, though their lives went in different directions. Coop's parents died while he was young, and he put all his suppressed anger into becoming the best hockey player he could be. He's been successful and now has embarked on a business career, one of which right now includes possibly owning his own hockey team. Sierra was raised in a poor but loving family, though her mother died when she was young. She is devoted to her father, and now that he is in the last stages of Alzheimer's disease, she will do anything to ensure his comfort, including accepting Coop's offer of employment. Yet Sierra is aware she's walking on eggs, because the moment her true identity is discovered, Coop will likely hate her guts.

Right from the moment Sierra moves into Coop's apartment as the live-in nanny, he's revved up to make the move on her, though he does have a twinge of “maybe I shouldn't do this.” Sierra, on the other hand, is afraid sleeping with her boss will be a mistake, especially if and when the affair ends, since Coop is clear on the fact he enjoys bachelorhood. But things quickly heat up, and soon they're between the sheets. Sierra worries what will happen, while Coop wonders if they can keep the arrangement as is for a while. Love soon develops, but the revelation of the truth lies between them. How will Coop react? If he throws Sierra out, can she walk away with her heart intact, aware that not only is she losing the twins, but Coop as well?

THE NANNY BOMBSHELL is an explosion waiting to happen. It's an emotional tale filled with secrets, instant passion, and two bouncing beautiful baby girls. I found it intriguingly different and wasn't expecting the other bombshell toward the end that gave the story a bit of a twist. I highly recommend you grab THE NANNY BOMBSHELL and learn all the secrets and answers to this fascinating tale.

Patti Fischer