The Caroselli Inheritance, Book 3
Harlequin Desire
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73315-6
May 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois - Present Day

The story so far:  Guiseppe Caroselli has offered each of his three grandsons ten million dollars to marry and have a child before he dies (he's 92 years old), and time is important!  Guiseppe wants a male heir to carry on the Caroselli name.  Recently, two of his grandsons, Nicholas and Robert, gave up their portion of the money for love, which now leaves only Antonio to produce the promised heir and win the prize, now a cool thirty million dollars.  And so, here is Tony's story:

Lucy Bates has always been impulsive.  She left her lover, Tony Caroselli, a few months ago, hoping he would follow her from Chicago to Florida and declare his undying love.  When months passed and Tony didn't come after her, Lucy tried to move on with her life, until she received a letter telling her about Tony's upcoming wedding.  Lucy quickly flies to Chicago, determined to find Tony and tell him about their baby before he marries.  Thinking that today is Tony's engagement party, Lucy arrives at the Caroselli mansion.  Finding no one around, she follows the sound of music and opens a door to find Tony's wedding in progress.  The music stops.  Lucy stands in the center aisle while the onlookers gasp.

Of course, the sight of a very pregnant Lucy halts the ceremony.  Tony's bride-to-be is off and running for her life.  Tony isn't happy to see Lucy, but he's thankful she put an end to this farce of a wedding.  He and Alice had a business arrangement only, no love involved.  All Tony needs is an heir to be thirty million dollars richer.  And, as fate would have it, here is Lucy, playing right into his hands.  He only needs to persuade her to marry him.

Tony and Lucy dance around what Tony wants, which is marriage and an heir; and what Lucy truly desires, which is Tony's undying love.  She can live with their differences if Tony can handle her past and truly love her.  Tony hasn't realized he's in love with Lucy; he can't focus on anything beyond that thirty million dollars.  He doesn't reveal his grandfather's deal to Lucy; he just pushes her along toward marriage for the baby's sake.  And when the truth is revealed, their marriage might not happen after all.

THE CAROSELLI'S ACCIDENTAL HEIR is the final book in The Caroselli Inheritance miniseries, following CAROSELLI'S CHRISTMAS BABY (November 2012), and CAROSELLI'S BABY CHASE (March 2013).  This novel stands alone, but you will want to read them all!

THE CAROSELLI'S ACCIDENTAL HEIR is a fitting end to this great series; Tony and Lucy have a long way to go, but the reading is all fun while they navigate their way to a happy ending!

Diana Risso