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Park Row
ISBN: 9780778334057
ISBN - 10: 0778334058
May 2023

Casa de Las Flores y Luz - Mexico 

Harlow Estrada has just lost her job, and, after realizing exactly what a jerk her boyfriend is, has dumped him. Leaving New York City where she had hoped to move up in the publishing world, and to write, Harlow heads home to her family's farm, Casa de Las Flores y Luz in Mexico. The farm has been in her family for generations. The Estrada women, from her grandmother, Azalea, to her mother, Jazmin, her aunt, Rosa, and Harlow's sisters and cousins (all named after flowers) have inherited magical traits from the goddess Mayahuel. To Harlow's sorrow, however, she does not have any magic, although she is always aware of it when she's around it. The family flower shop ships worldwide, sending their magical bouquets at the   request of their customers.

Harlow flies home also at the explicit request of her mother and aunt. Her sisters and cousins have been summoned too. Jazmin and Rosa have been running the entire estate and flower business, and have decided that they want a vacation. So someone will have to stay at the estate to see to its staff and to run the flower store. Despite not having any magic, Harlow ends up being the "chosen one" who will remain at the farm. 

Much to Harlow's surprise, she settles into the family business, and she begins to notice that maybe she has her own talents, even if she doesn't have magic. When she meets a stranger named Ben in town one day, Harlow wonders if her heart can handle dealing with another man so soon. And why is she so attracted to him? 

THE ENCHANTED HACIENDA is a delightful, emotionally charged tale of a young woman realizing that maybe her lack of magic isn't the end of the world, that she does have something to offer, that family is everything, and love can come out of nowhere, magic or not. Readers will be enchanted with the magic, and will want to live in THE ENCHANTED HACIENDA. 

 Jani Brooks

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