Suddenly Series, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-06-231749-0
September 2014
Contemporary Romance

The Kingdom of Lilaria - Present Day

After the Queen of Lilaria reinstated Meredith Thysmer's grandfather as Duke of Thysmer, life took a turn for the better.  Her grandfather returned to the lands that had been lost to them generations ago, and the wealth and position that came with the duchy have opened doors for all of them.  For Meredith, she was able to go to college in London in hopes of pursuing her stage career, but more importantly, Meredith and her six year-old son Marty were able to get away from her abusive father.  But when her grandfather dies, Meredith is back in Lilaria, under the same roof as her father, and worried over what will happen to the township of Thysmer under her father's rule.

In London for his art showing, Prince Maxwell Trevor volunteers to break the news to Meredith about her grandfather's passing, as well as escort her back to Lilaria.  Meredith's desire for the spotlight is the complete opposite of the life the reclusive Max wants, so why does he find her so compelling?  Even more surprising to Max are the feelings he has for her little boy, Marty.  Max has steered clear of entanglements and children for years, but he can't help the protectiveness and even possessiveness that he feels for Meredith and Marty.

A woman who learned long ago that she can only rely on herself finds herself rescued by a prince in RELUCTANTLY ROYAL.  Her grandfather has been the only supportive family she has, and with his death, Meredith feels adrift.  She also is aware that her grandfather only saw the good in people and is worried about what will happen now that her father, an abusive alcoholic, will be responsible for the lands the Queen has returned to her family.  Yet, every time she starts to worry, Max is there, lending a hand or a shoulder, whichever she needs.  An incident when he was younger left Max with a loathing of the media, and he much prefers his art studio to his royal duties in Lilaria.  The kinship he feels with Marty makes it impossible for Max to ignore the boy's needs, and also brings him closer to the beautiful Meredith.

The third book in the Suddenly series, revolving around the royal family of Lilaria, RELUCTANTLY ROYAL gives readers a chance to revisit the family, yet stands well enough on its own.  Interesting characters, including six year old Marty who occasionally steals the scene, make for a sweet romance and an engaging story in RELUCTANLTY ROYAL.

Jennifer Bishop