Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1492622710
April 2018
Contemporary Romance

Raleigh, North Carolina – Present Day

In the Eye of the Storm

Holly Abrams is ticked off when her overbearing boss, Stephen Ballinger, calls her late at night asking her to pick him up from a bar after he has a fight with his friend. It's storming out and driving in the elements is not something she wants to do, but she is his assistant and values her job. But once Holly gets Stephen home, the driving rain forces her to stay with him…where one thing leads to another and they have sex.

Stephen has always been attracted to Holly but held off because she is his employee. But once he's had a taste of her, he wants more. He can't offer her more than a few nights of sex because he's not into commitments. Will Stephen end up breaking Holly's heart and lose a valued employee, or can they realize that they're made for each other?

It's a dark and stormy night as Holly comes to Stephen's rescue. He's a bit of a cad and isn't afraid to admit it, but she knows how to soothe this beast. He relies on her a lot…too much…and she lets him know that she's had enough. Of course, there's been this simmering attraction between them and the storm finally has it exploding into a night of passion. Yet, even as Stephen pushes Holly away, he keeps coming back for more. When his best friends point out that he seems to like Holly a lot, will he go cold turkey? Meanwhile, Holly is frustrated by Stephen's back and forth with her. Maybe it's time to walk away…  

In the Eye of the Storm  has many ups and downs for Stephen and Holly as they wrestle with their feelings. He values his bachelorhood, while Holly wants him to be more than a boss with benefits. The passion sizzles between them, but is it enough for them to find love?

Catering to the CEO

Millionaire CEO Adam Lawrence is too demanding. So much so that caterer Cassie Jacobs quits a plum job catering his upcoming meeting rather than dealing with another of his outrageous demands. However, that night they both come face to face again and learn that Adam's mother is dating Cassie's father. Will they soon be step-siblings?

During the dinner with the extended family, Adam learns that her family is 100% behind her. He figures if he wants to keep peace with his mother, he better apologize to Cassie, which he does in private and hires her back. As they work together to plan his company events, a few kisses turn to more…and he realizes that he's attracted to her.

In  Catering to the CEO , Adam gets his comeuppance when he discovers he can't boss around Cassie. She loves to cook and can create miracles, but there are some of his demands that she can't comply with. Too many battles lead to Cassie quitting, only for Adam to realize how much he relies on her. It's during a visit to his beach house to lay out the groundwork for his upcoming meeting that their full-fledged attraction has them unable to resist each other.

Cassie is still building her catering business and can't really afford to lose Adam as a client, but his demands make it nearly impossible for her to be efficient and organized. After realizing they might soon be related, both try to be amenable towards the other, which leads to a better understanding between them. But once they become lovers, will it only end in heartbreak as Adam doesn't believe in marriage?

There is plenty of back and forth as Adam and Cassie's relationship goes hot and cold, some due to being afraid of commitments, but also due to a misunderstanding or two. In  Catering to the CEO , Cassie and Adam are just going to have to trust what their hearts are telling them.

CATERING TO THE CEO and IN THE EYE OF THE STORM both feature relationships between bosses and employees and makes for some riveting reading. There's plenty of sizzle in the bedroom, yet there's romance in the air that will pull in readers.

Patti Fischer