Billionaires & Babies  series
Harlequin Desire #2593
ISBN: 978-0-335-97153-1
June 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Southern California – Present Day

Adam Quinn is stunned to learn his late brother Devon had fathered a son, but here standing in his office is the baby's mother…and she doesn't want the child. Without any hesitation, Adam gets her to sign over the rights to Devon's son, Jack, and he now needs a nanny. In the meantime, Adam has to have someone look after Jack since his housekeeper is leaving tomorrow on a planned vacation. Without much thought, Adam decides to ask Devon's ex-wife, Sienna West. While he hasn't seen her since the divorce, surely she'll agree to help him out, especially if he “sweetens” the deal by offering incentives.

Sienna has put her time with the Quinn family behind her. Devon cheated on her, and her mother-in-law hated her. So, when Adam—the only one she liked in the family—walks in with a baby and asks her to be the temporary nanny for Jack, her first reaction is to say no. But Adam is persistent and it's not the baby's fault his dad was a jerk. She agrees and moves in with them. But once under Adam's roof, a sizzling attraction begins to simmer between them. Will the temptation to make love be hard to resist?

An adorable baby mixed in with a couple fighting an attraction makes for an entertaining tale in BILLIONAIRE'S BARGAIN. Sienna's ex, Devon, had swept her off her feet, but once the ceremony was over their marriage began to fail. After months of putting up with it, she finally walked out and thought her connection to the Quinn family would be over. But little Jack is cute and needs someone to take care of him until the nanny is hired. Sienna can use the money to help her photography business, and Adam's terms of employment are very generous. Yet, as much as they get along they also clash. This only heightens the sexual awareness that bubbles between them.

Adam had a miserable childhood. His father was controlling and unappreciative. His mother was whiny and obsessed with Devon. And Devon himself was self-absorbed. But Adam will do anything to keep and raise Jack. He has no plans to ever marry but enjoys an occasional affair. With Sienna living under his roof, the long-simmering attraction has them unable to fight the desire…and it leads to some lovemaking. But Adam feels Sienna wants a ring on her finger with a promise of marriage—something he can't offer. Will he turn his back on her?

BILLIONAIRE'S BARGAIN is an intriguing and enjoyable tale that readers shouldn't miss. Adam and Sienna's road to a happily-ever-after has its bumps along the way, but in the end, everything works out. Besides, who can resist an adorable baby?

Patti Fischer