Harlequin Desire #2548
ISBN: 978-0-373-83875-2
October 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Banner, Utah – Present Day

Bestselling writer Micah Hunter has holed himself in a Victorian mansion in a small town, where he hopes to finish his latest book. But he's being distracted by noisy neighbors and his beautiful landlady. It's not that Kelly Flynn is constantly interrupting him, it's that her delectable body torments him. But they build a tentative friendship even though there's this hum of sexual tension running between them. Then, the desire turns into passion.

Kelly is a widow who still mourns the loss of her husband. But she enjoys living in Banner being a Jill-of-all-trades and wouldn't live anywhere else. Micah is the first man since her husband died that she's had a sexual interest in and she finally gives into the attraction that sizzles between them. Kelly figures she won't fall for Micah because he'll only be living here for another few months. Her beloved grandmother moved to Florida a few years ago and keeps threatening to move back because she's concerned about her. To keep her grandmother from returning to Banner, Kelly tells her that she's engaged to…Micah!

It's a fake engagement in FIANC É IN NAME ONLY for Kelly and Micah, but will it soon turn real? Kelly hasn't dated since her husband was killed, and Micah is the first man she's had an interest in. He's moody and a hermit, which works fine for her, though she tries to be neighborly since she is not only his landlady, but lives next door in a cottage. But Micah gets grumpy easily and Kelly tries to counter it by bantering with him. Their interactions soon lead to a heated kiss. A sudden sexual awareness might make things awkward between them, but they finally give into the attraction. The sex is powerful and they want more. Will a fling scratch the itch…or will they crave even more?

Raised in foster homes, Micah has a lot of trust issues. One person he does trust is his good friend and agent, Sam, who recommended the Victorian mansion in Banner. Micah is so popular that he gets crazed fans seeking him out and this causes him to constantly move. His nomadic lifestyle means he has no roots, but will being around Kelly make him want to stick around longer? He agrees to her wacky engagement ruse, and decides to take full advantage of it. Why not enjoy the benefits of loving someone even if you're not really in love? But Micah and Kelly may be playing a dangerous game because they might be falling in love with each other.

Micah and Kelly are sympathetic and intriguing characters who will pull readers into their story. They've each learned to become independent and don't realize it when they start to depend on each other. Their romance is passionate and smoldering hot. Readers will need an icy cold drink to read FIANC É IN NAME ONLY! Settle down with your drink and indulge yourself in an enjoyable read.

Patti Fischer