Billionaires and Babies Series
Silhouette Desire #2059
ISBN: 978-0-373-73072-8
January 2011
Series Romance

San Francisco – Present Day

Congratulations…you're a father!

This was the last thing billionaire Simon Bradley expects to hear, but that is exactly what Tula Barrons tells him. After Tula 's cousin's death, she inherited the responsibility of telling Simon he's a daddy, but she is also responsible for ensuring that he is capable of taking care of baby Nathan. Simon is shocked at the news and unsure if he can be a good father, but he certainly will try. To help with the transition, he asks Tula and Nathan to move in with him. Close quarters soon have Tula and Simon developing an attraction for each other that they know they shouldn't explore. Then Simon learns who Tula 's father is…the man he has hated for years.

Tula was rejected by her father years ago, but that is okay with her. She has forged a life of her own as a children's book author and is content, even if her life is somewhat solitary.  The entrance of Nathan and Simon into her life has her spreading her wings, while beginning to have fleeting thoughts of them—perhaps—as a family. Yet the more she gets to know Simon, the more he begins to act like her tyrannical father. Should she run away as fast as she can?

Proving that how our parents treat us as we grow up affects us as adults, Tula and Simon still haven't gotten past the pain and turmoil of their childhoods. Simon's father almost lost everything to Tula 's father, while she lost her father to the business of takeovers. Simon has built his life into one bent on rebuilding the family business and eventually plans to ruin the man who nearly destroyed his family. The news of his fatherhood has left Simon stunned, but if Nathan is his, then he'll build a dynasty. Tula just wants Simon to stop and smell the roses. To enjoy time with his son. Their ideas of raising Nathan cause them to come to loggerheads, yet it also ignites the passion between them. Simon soon wants to spend more time with his son…and with Tula . But are the feelings between them going to end once Tula realizes Simon may be using her to get back at her father?

HAVE BABY, NEED BILLIONAIRE is loosely connected to one of the stories in UNDER THE MILLIONAIRE'S MISTLETOE (Silhouette Desire #2056, out December 2010), but this tale can be read as a standalone. Maureen Child has once again penned an enticing tale of a couple brought together by a baby and bonded by the experiences of their early lives. They have to learn to get past their issues before they realize just how much they belong together. If you love babies, billionaires, and a sassy heroine, then I highly recommend HAVE BABY, NEED BILLIONAIRE.

Patti Fischer