Harlequin Desire #2721
ISBN: 978-1-335-20897-2
March 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

California – Present Day

Luke Barrett is at a conference in San Francisco when he is bumped into by a woman he's never met before, Fiona Jordan. The sexy beauty turns on the charm, and it isn't long before Luke is asking her out. Of course, they only have a couple of days together in San Francisco, but he plans to make the most of it. But when he finds out that she is from the same part of Southern California where he lives, it doesn't take long before he's offering her a ride home on his company jet. Things really heat up on the ride, and they are soon in a steamy affair. But how will Luke react when he discovers that Fiona's bumping into him was no accident?

Fiona was hired by Jamison Barrett, Luke's grandfather, to work on convincing his grandson to return to the family company. The two men have been at loggerheads for a long time because Jamison doesn't understand or want Luke's suggestions that their toy company embrace technology toys. Jamison figures if he can get someone from outside the family to convince Luke at how much family is important and that he should return, then it's money well spent. Fiona runs a company called ICanFixIt, which specializes in helping people find things that are missing. Of course, cozying up to a billionaire tech genius is a bit out of her ordinary assignments, but Luke is definitely easy on the eye. But as Fiona grows closer to Luke, the more she feels guilty that she's lying to him—and he won't be happy when he learns the truth about her.

Luke isn't the type who falls for a woman at first sight, but there's something about Fiona that attracts him to her. After the big fallout with his grandfather, he started his own toy tech company that has proven successful. Yet, he admits that he misses working with his granddad, especially as the man is the only father figure in his life after his parents were killed in a plane crash years ago. It isn't like Jamison is alone, though, because Luke's cousin, Cole, still works there. But Cole is less ambitious and may not be cut out to succeed their grandfather when he passes away. Will Fiona work her charm and persuade Luke to return to his grandfather's company? But she's falling for him…

A beguiling and charming tale, JET SET CONFESSIONS is filled with a bit of drama because readers know that when Luke finds out why Fiona really bumped into him that he will be angry at being duped. The title, JET SET CONFESSIONS, refers a little bit to the rendezvous they have in a jet. Will the passion that started out between them be enough for them to find a happily-ever-after? Will Jamison get what he wants with Luke back in the company? Don't miss this compelling tale.

Patti Fischer