TEMPT ME IN VEGAS – Maureen Child
Harlequin Desire #2619
ISBN: 978-1-335-97179-1
October 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Las Vegas – Present Day

Terri Ferguson, a bank teller from Utah, is stunned to learn that she's inherited half of a hotel empire from the father she never knew. She decides to check out the iconic hotel in Las Vegas and is confronted by the owner of the other half, Cooper Hayes. He is handsome and cool as a cucumber towards her, making it clear he's not happy that Terri is his partner. But Terri is installed in the other owner's suite next to Cooper's and is immediately immersed into the hotel business. She realizes that Cooper expects her to fail, but to everyone's surprise, she shows remarkable business acumen. But even more surprising are the sparks that fly between her and Cooper.

Cooper didn't know his late partner had a daughter that he gave up for adoption, or that the man would leave his share of the hotel to her. For years, Cooper had been under the impression that he was the man's heir. The news that Terri is his new partner has Cooper enraged and determined to force her to sell her share to him. Even as he tries to keep Terri at arm's length, the more he wants to pull her into his arms and kiss her senselessly. The attraction between them is intense, and soon they're making love. Will they be able to make their partnership work—both in the boardroom and bedroom?

Maureen Child provides readers with an intriguing story in TEMPT ME IN VEGAS. Imagine for a moment that you have skimped and saved your dollars for years and now learn that you've inherited a billion-dollar company. Terri is shocked and feels overwhelmed. She thought she could show up at the hotel in Vegas and check in as a paying guest while she checks out her inheritance, but Cooper and his staff were alerted, so she ends up being ambushed. Meeting the charismatic Cooper in person intrigues Terri, though she is well aware that he doesn't think much of her. But after proving him wrong about her business abilities, they're soon connecting in both the boardroom…and the bedroom. Is their affair short-lived? Will a breakup lead to acrimony between them?

TEMPT ME IN VEGAS is set in the glamorous and glitzy Las Vegas and even has unscrupulous characters to act as the “bad guys” who plot against our couple. There is Dave, Cooper's longtime friend and sidekick. Dave thought he'd be in line for part of the company. Terri's entrance into the business derails those plans. What will Dave do now? Cooper's ex, Celeste, is a supermodel and wants to take up where they left off. Terri is in her way, so how will she go about taking out her rival? Will these roadblocks be too much for Cooper and Terri to overcome, or will they find a happily-ever-after together?

A sensual and sexy tale, TEMPT ME IN VEGAS is a tempting read that I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer