Texas Cattleman's Club: Inheritance , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2702
ISBN: 978-1-335-60404-0
December 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

After staying away for years due to his fractured relationship with his father, Buckley, Kellan Blackwood returns home – for his father's funeral and the reading of the will. Along with his two siblings, Vaughn and Sophie, the other person present in the attorney's office is his father's ex-wife, Miranda, whom they all consider a gold-digger. But, to everyone's surprise, his father has designated in his will that Miranda inherits the bulk of the estate. This enrages Kellan, who vows to find out what Miranda held over his father that led to her inclusion in the will. While snooping for evidence in his father's mansion, he runs into Irina Romanov.

Irina is not sure why Kellan thinks she was no longer working for his father as his maid. Her friendship with Buckley ran deeper than that of merely employer/employee. He helped her escape an abusive marriage and encouraged her to pursue a degree in law. But the return of Kellan reopens the old wounds between them. Seven years ago, they had a sizzling weeklong affair that ended when Kellan abruptly broke it off and left town. Seems that he wasn't over the death of his wife…

An attraction that burned hot seven years ago, only forced into hibernation when Kellan left town, is now burning again in TEMPTING THE TEXAN. When Kellan and Irina first embarked on their affair, he was still mourning his late wife and felt guilty about developing feelings for another woman. Instead of dealing with his conflicted emotions, he took the easy way out by breaking it off and leaving town. Add in that his relationship with father was tempestuous at best, it was easy to stay away. Meanwhile, learning that Miranda has inherited the ranch and company instead of the biological children has Kellan seeing red. Bumping into Irina at the house has his old emotions about her coming to the surface. He wants her—badly—but is he still in love with his dead wife?

Irina came to the United States years ago as a mail-order bride for a rich, older Texan businessman, but she soon bore the brunt of his abuse. Buckley Blackwood interceded and rescued her, eventually bringing her to his ranch as his maid and helping her to get on her own two feet. Irina sees Buckley far differently than his children do, as they couldn't get along with him. Add in that she is on Miranda's side, then readers can see that any chance of a happy reunion won't be easy. Though, sex between Kellan and Irina does happen. But sexual attraction only goes so far…

TEMPTING THE TEXAN is the first book in the newest Texas Cattleman's Club series about the contents of the will left by Buckley Blackwood. Lives are turned upside down and there's plenty of sniping going around. But will Kellan and Irina get past the roadblocks that have hindered any chance for a happy future together? Find out the answer in the sizzling hot, TEMPTING THE TEXAN.

Patti Fischer