Texas Cattleman's Club: Rags to Riches , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2737
ISBN: 978-1-335-20913-9
June 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Fifteen years ago, Cameron Guthrie and Beth Wingate were high school sweethearts. But after she turned down his proposal of marriage, he left town…with another woman. Cam is back, and the former son of a farmhand is now a billionaire…and a widower. Beth had heard through the grapevine he was back, but she thought she could handle her emotions at seeing him again…and she can't. He's still as attractive as ever. Cam is needing her help to join the Texas Cattleman's Club to cement his place in town and help promote his forthcoming venture, which is opening a dude ranch on the property he just bought. Will Beth help him?

Beth's large family is somewhat close, but a crisis soon brings them all closer. Meanwhile, she has to examine her feelings for Cam. Why did he run off with the other woman, Julie, all those years ago, later marrying her? Did their relationship mean nothing to him? Beth feels she shouldn't trust Cam, yet her once dormant feelings for him come roaring back to life. As they spend time together, will those feelings turn to something else…like rekindled love? Can Beth forgive him, and will he finally tell her the truth as to what really happened all those years ago?

Cam and Beth's past is complicated, and it all comes full circle in THE PRICE OF PASSION by Maureen Child. They were sweethearts and once thought their future would be as one. But Beth didn't think she was ready to marry at eighteen and turned down Cam's marriage proposal. Add in that her rich father didn't believe Cam was good enough for his daughter, their relationship was already on shaky grounds. Within a matter of weeks, he left town with Julie. For Beth, this was a betrayal, so when she comes face to face with him after he returns to town, she's not ready to forgive him. Cam is just wanting them to be friends again and let the romance part be whatever happens. To her disappointment, Beth soon learns something about Cam and Julie that tests her trust in him.

Meanwhile, Cam sets about reestablishing his roots in Royal. Building a dude ranch is just the first step in his plans to settle down here. He only wishes that Beth can be by his side. Whatever happens, though, he will not betray Julie's memory, even to his father-in-law, who still lives in Royal. But there is one person in town that he hates more than anything. Who is that person? THE PRICE OF PASSION is the first book in the latest Texas Cattleman's Club series called Rags to Riches . In this tale, Beth's assistant may soon find herself an instant millionaire. See how it all plays out.

 It is an unexpected and emotional journey for Beth and Cam in THE PRICE OF PASSION, and one that you won't want to miss.

Patti Fischer