NOT THE GIRL YOU MARRY – Andie J. Christopher
Jove Books
ISBN: 978-1984802699
November 2019
Contemporary Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Jack Nolan is a freelance journalist trying to get his big break. While in a bar with his friends one night, he decides he will write a column on how to break up with a woman, and his gaze lands on the gorgeous woman sitting nearby with some girlfriends. Jack approaches her and learns her name is Hannah Mayfield. Jack figures he can charm her and then dump her. Then, Hannah asks him to be her pretend boyfriend. He decides that he'll agree, and then become a louse on his way to dumping her. A two for one: get to know the girl and then dump her as “research” for his column.

Hannah works for an event planning company and just talked her skeptical boss into letting her join another event consultant in planning for the biggest wedding of the year in Chicago. It's not that Hannah is into weddings, but that this could lead to a desired promotion. Heck, she recently got dumped by her boyfriend because she wasn't acting like the perfect woman to marry. Hannah is biracial and her ex thinks she needs to act “black” instead of hanging out with her white friends. But Hannah had told her boss a little lie in order to get the plum assignment…that she was dating a great guy. Spotting—and meeting Jack—she decides to ask him. Of course, both know their relationship is a scam, but they're soon finding themselves seriously attracted to each other. Will Cupid's arrow hit its mark with Jack and Hannah?

NOT THE GIRL YOU MARRY is a cute and funny tale of dating in Chicago in the age of online dating. Hannah watches as her friends “swipe right” on their Tinder app and it turns out the men are duds. After breaking up with her ex, Noah, she's still feeling the hurt and isn't ready to date. Yet, she desperately needs a man to prove to her boss that she has a boyfriend. Jack is funny and charming, plus he's amenable to her plan once she presents it to him. Hannah just knows that she won't fall for him, even as they're doing everything sexually except consummating their “relationship.” Soon, Hannah finds herself falling for Jack. But will it end badly for both of them?

Yes, Jack is a turd at times in how he approaches his relationship with Hannah. He does douchey things to her, yet she takes them in stride—for the most part. However, he didn't expect her to get so deep into their relationship that breaking up not only will be hard, but it will hurt her. But after watching his parents divorce when he was younger, he doesn't see marriage as part of any future plans. Even though Hannah could turn out to be the perfect choice…

Readers will smile and chuckle as Jack and Hannah's relationship and friendship develop in NOT THE GIRL YOU MARRY. This tale also details the problems that someone who is biracial has to face. Is she black or is she white? Hannah couldn't please her ex, but it doesn't seem to bother Jack. Is he Mr. Right, after all? Their road to a happily-ever-after is definitely rocky, but it's a path that is pure fun to read. Be sure to grab a copy of NOT THE GIRL YOU MARRY today.

Patti Fischer