FLY WITH ME Chanel Cleeton
A Perfect 10
Wild Aces Series , Book 1
Berkley Sensation
ISBN-13:  978-1-101-98696-7
May 2016
Contemporary Military Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada; Florida and Oklahoma Present Day

Jordan Callahan and her younger sister and her two friends are in Las Vegas for her sister Meg's bachelorette weekend.  While wearing a tiara of flaming pink penises, and dancing after her fifth shot of tequila, Jordan sees three blazing hunks of manhood walking towards them.  The first guy is way too cute and knows it, but the second?  Everything else in the club disappears as he stands in front of her.  As the men get to know the women, Jordan can see in this dude's eyes he's looking for an easy lay that night, and she is his target.  His name is Noah Miller, and not only is he hot to look at but he has a sense of humor, too.  Instead of melting all over him she decides to talk to him before she shuts him down.  Noah is a jet fighter pilot for F-16 jets stationed at Nellis Air Force Base close to Vegas.  Although Jordan holds fast to her plan, she is excited when the men ask where they will be the next day.

Noah Miller isn't conceited, but he knows most women are attracted to pilots, and he and his friends use that to their advantage all the time.  But Jordan is actually talking to him and doesn't seem to know that fighter pilots are huge targets for women.  The next day they meet around the pool and go out to dinner together.  By then, Noah and Jordan are ready to take it up to his suite and see if the attraction will last until the morning.

Jordan and Noah decide to see where their relationship will go while she flies back and forth from Florida and her thriving clothing boutique and finds out that his work can come up at a moment's notice and mess with their plans.  Easy is Noah's roommate, and despite not liking him at first, Jordan finds out his attraction to their commander's wife has no hope of going anywhere, and that is why he tries to hide the pain with many women.  But eventually Noah and Jordan have to make a decision; can they allow their relationship to go deeper, and the inevitable separations that will follow?  Jordan quickly realizes she is the one who will have to turn her life upside down to continue to be with Noah.  Can she accept the challenges that will inevitably follow?

Chanel Cleeton has rocked the military theme with this story.  Told from alternating points of view by Jordan and Noah, Jordan considers Noah a beautiful man, strong, and surely a dream; like Big Foot, he can't be real.  Noah is intrigued by Jordan, and can't believe how easily the few days they spend together seem right, and already he can't stand the idea of not seeing her again.

Secondary characters are Noah's fellow pilots:  Joker, Thor and Easy.  Joker is their squadron commander, and his wife Dani will try to get Jordan accustomed to the military way of life.  The military and their fighter jets are very important to all the men, and it is where they feel happiest and enjoy the power they feel in the air.

FLY WITH ME is heart tugging and emotional, taking you from the blush of first attraction, trying to find time to spend together, and facing the ultimate trauma together.  Can Jordan make up her mind whether a relationship with Noah will work, knowing he will miss most of the important days of their lives:  holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, maybe even the birth of children.  Wanting to see if Jordan can come to terms with this military life had me staying up all night, watching her trying to deal with the emotional trauma that most military women must accept when someone they love loves their country as much as their women.  A Perfect 10 is richly deserved here, but be aware some tears will be shed, and your heart will be gripped with emotion.  In July will be the next in the Wild Aces series featuring Thor.  If you love action and passionate relationships, FLY WITH ME is definitely a fantastic choice for this month.

Carolyn Crisher