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ISBN: 978-0063296398
November 14, 2023
Contemporary Fiction

New York City & Winter Falls, Wyoming – Present Day

It’s two weeks ’til Christmas and Noel Blake and her husband Jonah are drifting apart. They first met and married while living in Wyoming. They recently acquired a mastiff dog named Elliott, who has a bad tendency to get out. One day, the dog leads them to a stranger’s home. Padraic is an elderly man and friendly toward Noel and Jonah. He gives each of them a snow globe and tells them to each make a wish and when they wake up in the morning, their wishes will come true. The next morning, Noel wakes up and she is living another life—one without Jonah, though it turns out that he lives in the same building as her. 

While neither Noel nor Jonah can remember the other, it turns out that they grew up in the same town of Winter Falls—and they’re both returning to visit for the holidays. A book editor at a publishing house, Noel has taken on a new client and his story intrigues her even though it’s not completely finished. His name is….Padraic and his tale starts out innocently with characters who seem much like Noel and Jonah with the names changed. But our couple does not realize it. They are living a parallel life where they are not married to each other and only meet in A WISH FOR CHRISTMAS. But one thing remains constant: Elliott the dog. 

If you could get a chance to re-do your life, would you? Noel and Jonah unwittingly get a second chance to find their way back to each other as they get to know one another again. But they will have a few barriers along the way. The biggest challenge is that their fathers are adversaries running for mayor of Winter Falls. Jonah’s father, Judd, is already the mayor and he doesn’t like Christmas and has banned any Christmas pageants or decorations in the town. Noel’s father, Rich, wants to open a Christmas-themed store and Judd opposes it. This rivalry is a big part of A WISH FOR CHRISTMAS as Noel and Jonah have to support their parents but want what is best for the town. 

Meanwhile, Jonah and Noel soon grow closer. Because they don’t remember each other, they are learning about each other like it’s the first time. Elliott the dog was given to Noel by her author client, Padraic and she takes him to Winter Falls with her. She couldn’t get the dog on the plane, but luckily her neighbor, Jonah, was there to get her on his private plane. The dog is a handful and provides for a few lighthearted moments in this tale. A WISH FOR CHRISTMAS is also emotional due to Christmas approaching and the reason why Judd hates the holiday soon becomes apparent. Will there be a Christmas celebration in the town of Winter Falls?

A warmhearted tale of hope and second chances don’t miss A WISH FOR CHRISTMAS.

Patti Fischer

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