William Morrow
ISBN: 978-0-06-286964-7
January 2020
Contemporary Fiction

London, England & Scotland – Present Day

As a single woman looking for a single guy in London, Katie comes to understand that she isn't going to find what she's looking for in the big city where women outnumber eligible men. She decides to broaden her search by responding to a job offer in rural Scotland. But upon arrival, she realizes that Fairlish, Scotland is too rural for city born and bred Katie. Add in that her employer, Harry, is brusque and a bit odd, and she's ready to head back to London. However, since the other applicants for the job didn't show up for their interviews, it's Katie's job. She decides to accept, especially when she realizes that there are more men than women in Fairlish. Katie soon encounters Iain, whom she finds attractive, but he's at loggerheads with Harry. Will Katie be torn between two men…one she wants to bed and the other who pays her salary? Can Katie find her Mr. Right in the Scottish Highlands?

WHERE HAVE ALL THE BOYS GONE? is about the dearth of available men in London and Katie's attempts to solve the problem by moving to a small town in Scotland. Her road to finding a man is often funny as she runs into obstacles and also has a mouth on her that gets her into trouble. Harry is quirky and Iain is smooth. Katie's best girlfriends offer all kinds of advice, with one, Louise, tagging along with her to Scotland. Louise is looking for the same thing as Katie, though her plan is more to shag any man who looks presentable. Katie has a more discernible taste. Will the ladies get what they want?

At times, the quirkiness of WHERE HAVE ALL THE BOYS GONE? left me a little confused with what is going on. I'm not big into British slang terms, but I got the gist of things. Katie's “gotta find myself a man” isn't something that will appeal to all women, but if you love funny and cute tales that lead to a mostly happily-ever-after, then you'll find it here. Oh, and the ending did not go the way I expected it to. Not a bad ending, just one that was a bit unexpected given Katie's feeling for most of the book. The last few pages were frenetic and fast-paced, which is just how a book should end.

Readers looking for that quirky, contemporary read about a woman taking the bull by the horns to find herself a man, shouldn't miss WHERE HAVE ALL THE BOYS GONE?

Patti Fischer