ISBN-13: 978-0-06-228226-2
January 2014
Contemporary Romance

Houston, Texas and Amboise, France – Present Day

It was the last day of the wrongful death trial for Tyrell Brown against the insurance company representing the drunk driver who killed his wife.  A verdict in his favor for the total amount still left him feeling homicidal, especially against the insurance company's attorney, Victoria Westin.  When she asked him on the stand if he merely dreamed or wished he'd talked to his wife before she died, he could feel himself break apart inside.  The seven years since her death still left him loving his wife as much as ever.  But now Tyrell is on his way to Paris, France to attend the wedding of his good friend and sometime “friend with benefits”, Isabelle.  Tyrell heads directly to the airport with instructions to keep the Jack Daniels flowing as long as he lasts.

Victoria Westin finishes one of the worst trials she'd ever been involved with and heads to the airport to fly to Paris for her brother Matt's wedding.  Who should she end up sitting next to in first class but the plaintiff, the handsome Tyrell Brown.  Only by the time she gets on the plane the Jack Daniels has started its job and he is actually flirty and amusing.  In fact, so charming that Victoria is thinking she might make the mile high club…until she goes to the restroom, and when she returns to her seat, finds Tyrell is down for the count, sleeping off his Jack.  When he wakes up, he surprises Victoria by being the same antagonistic person he was at the trial.  Good thing she doesn't have to see him again!

After Tyrell and Victoria meet at the chateau that has been rented for the wedding party, their attraction to each other, despite fighting constantly, cannot be denied.  The last straw occurs when social media get hold of a fight between Tyrell and her ex-fiancé Winston over Victoria, and the implications for her law firm's possible appeal of the jury trial.  Despite Victoria's mother Adrianna being a member of the firm, there is no way she can save Victoria from what happened.

Tyrell goes back to Texas and knows there has to be another woman who can take his mind off Victoria, but what was so easy before just doesn't appeal to him anymore.  Few people can stand to be around his fiery temper, and when his wife's favorite horse gets sick, he is inconsolable.  A former friend may have saved his life with a teaching job in New York, but as luck would have it, New York is where Victoria is.  Can he, or does he, want to establish a new relationship with Victoria?  At times even he doesn't know.

Cara Connelly presents us with two very strong characters who tell us their own stories, and we feel sympathy for both sides.  Tyrell truly loved his wife, and her death shook him in a way he has never recovered from.  Victoria is the victim of an overbearing mother who insisted she go to law school and join her firm.  Victoria may be a good lawyer, but she always wanted to act.  Despite everything that happens, Victoria and Tyrell are drawn to each other despite themselves.

There are many unique and special charters surrounding Tyrell and Victoria, from her brother Matt and his friend Isabelle, to Victoria's mother Adrianna and ex-fiancé Winston, and then Victoria's new friend Josie.

THE WEDDING FAVOR is by turns funny, serious, heart-wrenching, and romantic.  From the hi-jinks in France to a Starbucks in New York, Victoria and Tyrell will keep your attention riveted to their story and wonder if all obstacles between them can be dealt with, and more importantly, whether Tyrell can emotionally get over his first wife.  This is a story you will thank me for recommending!

Carolyn Crisher