BURN ME ONCE – Clare Connelly
Harlequin Dare (eBook only)
May 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Rock star Ethan Ash's longtime girlfriend, Sienna, stuns him when she announces on Twitter that she's marrying another man. Unhappy with the news, Ethan decides to hit a nightclub to drink his sorrows away. He spots a sexy, beautiful woman and asks her back to his hotel room and she agrees. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts and their lovemaking is out of this world. Both know it can only be a one-night stand, but will once be enough?

Ally Douglas went through a devastating break-up months ago when she learned her fiancé already had a wife. She's not looking for another committed relationship, but Ethan is tempting her to break her abstinence. Besides, he will only be in New York City for a short time before he heads off on another tour. A perfect setup: one night of great sex with no strings attached. But Ethan begins to break the rules by wanting their fling to continue. Are they risking heartbreak?

With both coming out of broken relationships that left them heartbroken, Ethan and Ally aren't looking for commitment—or love. But there is this instant attraction that burns and sizzles between them and they're instantly drawn to one another. Ally figures one night of sex with Ethan will be enough to soothe the itch, but like a moth drawn to a flame, she's unable to resist his request for more nights. Oh, she tries, but deep down, she enjoys the thrill of being with him. The sex between them is hotter than Hades and makes them want more of each other. Will this passionate need turn into something deeper?

Ethan thought his future was with Sienna, but she dumped him and fell in love with someone else. Would he take her back if she returned? In BURN ME ONCE, at first Ethan thinks he would, but once he meets Ally, all thoughts of Sienna disappear. But for Ally, she still carries the burning shame from her relationship with Jeremy and learning that he was married. Ethan and Ally seem perfect for a rebound affair and that's exactly how they approach their fling. Soon, he's finding ways to spend time with her outside of the hotel room, while she tries to keep him a secret. But of course, the paparazzi are everywhere.

BURN ME ONCE is told in the first person of both Ethan and Ally but is done well and will keep you glued to the pages. Readers will see them gradually fall in love, with the sex scenes only adding to the depth of their connection. If you love passionate tales of couples falling in love, then don't miss BURN ME ONCE.

Patti Fischer