Summer Seductions , Book 1
Harlequin Dare
ISBN: 978-0-369-70246-3
April 2021

Contemporary Romance

New York City & Worldwide – Present Day

Bristol March is smart and recently earned her Ph.D. Now she only needs a job. But after her sister, India, submits Bristol's name into a “contest” to become a billionaire's plaything for the summer, her world changes. Lachlan Drummond changes girlfriends as often as we change batteries in our smoke detectors. Bristol isn't even sure she wants to go through the process, especially after she arrives and realizes that it's like a reality show where the female “contestants” go through an audition, with the finalists getting a chance to have dinner with Lachlan. Bristol has a meltdown when she arrives and instead, storms out. But later, she receives a phone call—from the man himself. She intrigues him, and he invites her out to dinner. Afterward, he decides that Bristol is the woman he wants to be his “girlfriend' to accompany him around the world for the next several weeks. She even must sign a contract. Attracted to Lachlan already, she agrees.

Lachlan's parents were undemonstrative, and this has left him wary of romantic relationships. But as a wealthy businessman, he needs an escort by his side at social functions. For the past several years Lachlan has had his staff conduct an audition for whoever will be by his side as he travels the world. Most accept the conditions, but Bristol is different. Her outburst at the audition, which he saw on tape, caught his attention. It's clear that she's not only beautiful and feisty, but she's smart. She certainly isn't his usual type of woman. It helps that at their first meeting they end up having sex against a wall. Blistering hot and oh-so-good—and the sex continues to be great. She agrees to his terms, but how long before she chafes at the requirements?

Sizzling hot, yet with the emotion of what is right and wrong, THE PLEASURE CONTRACT is an engaging read. Bristol had a boring childhood, and her goal is not to be like her parents. Her path has been education. A stint as Lachlan's escort for a few months is not only lucrative, but it gives her a chance to see the world. The longer they're together, the better they get to know each other. Soon, an emotional bond ties them. But Lachlan has put up a wall that doesn't allow him to invest in a relationship. Will it change with Bristol? Find out the answer in THE PLEASURE CONTRACT.

Patti Fischer