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Heirs of Hardwell Ranch , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #4A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45755-4
May 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Applewood, Texas – Present Day

The three Hardwell brothers have had their inheritance held over them by their grandfather. They must each work at least six months on the family ranch or they will lose their inheritance. Garrett has already completed his assignment, and now Wes plans to spend six months working on the ranch. Wes doesn’t really need the money as he is a tech tycoon in London, England, but it is all about family responsibilities. Besides, he is looking forward to returning to the States and a chance to reconnect with local veterinarian Daisy Thorne, the woman he married on impulse a few months ago when they ran into each other in Las Vegas.

Daisy is surprised to learn that Wes is returning to Applewood after being gone for several years except for an occasional visit. But it will give her an opportunity to push him to sign the divorce papers she sent him. No one except them knows about their impulse marriage and she prefers to keep it that way, even if her best friend is Garrett Hardwell’s wife. However, seeing Wes again stirs up old erotic memories of their sizzling hot weekend together. Then Wes keeps putting off signing the divorce papers—because he wants to rekindle the flame between them!

Will Wes and Daisy get a chance to find love together in SECOND CHANCE RANCHER, the second book in the Heirs of Hardwell Ranch series? They’ve known each other for a long time, though Wes has lived in London for years where he’s created a business and life. But there’s no denying how living on a ranch brings back memories of how much he’s enjoyed the ranching life. Despite the distance and months since Wes had seen Daisy, he never forgot about her. He blames alcohol for what they did, but what if it is really a deep-seated attraction? Alas, while they can give into that attraction, making a romance—and marriage—work is going to be a lot harder. Wes’s plans are to return to London once his six months are up. Daisy’s life and work are in Applewood. 

While they vowed initially in SECOND CHANCE RANCHER not to give in to the passion, Wes and Daisy soon can’t get enough of each other. They are perfect for each other, but fully aware their lives—and their plans for the future—are totally different. Realizing that he needs to move forward, Wes signs the divorce papers. Is this the end of their romance? Or will it only increase the desire to be together?

A sizzling tale with a side of emotion as Wes and Daisy struggle with their feelings for each other. Will they choose love or make the practical decision that it won’t work? Find out the answer in SECOND CHANCE RANCHER.

Patti Fischer

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