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THE WRONG RANCHER – J. Margot Critch
Heirs of Hardwell Ranch , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #17B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45779-0
September 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Applewood, Texas – Present Day

Piper Gallagher recently discovered that the identity of her father is Elias Hardwell, and he has invited her to meet him and his family in Applewood, Texas. After arriving at the airport, she is unsure who is picking her up, so when a strange man stops in front of her asking her if she is okay, she thinks at first that he might be her half-brother, but he isn’t. However, Elias is there and takes her to his ranch. After meeting her new family (much to their surprise), Piper decides to stay at a bed and breakfast rather than at the ranch house. On her way there, she once again runs into the man from the airport and learns that his name is Maverick Kane, and he is a neighbor of her father. Piper hopes that she gets to see more of Maverick. 

Maverick didn’t tell Piper that there was a longstanding rivalry between the Kane and Hardwell families. He gets along with Wes Hardwell, but the rest of the family is suspicious of him, partly because of his reputation from years ago when he partied hard and was the subject of gossip. He’s changed now and is going against his father’s wishes by running the ranch as his father is into oil. Meanwhile, Maverick continues to run into Piper around town. He’s curious about her and what her connection to the Hardwell family is, though it doesn’t stop him from beginning a romance with her. How will he react when he finds out that she is the daughter of his family’s rival?

Piper is navigating a relationship with her newly discovered family in THE WRONG RANCHER and doesn’t realize the man she finds attractive is their rival. She grew up not knowing the identity of her father and after her mother’s death, he finally contacted her. It’s a strange situation because Piper is nearer in age to Wes and Garrett, the grandchildren of Elias. She wants some space while they all work out the logistics of their relationship. Piper even soon finds a job in Applewood. Meanwhile, she continues to run into Maverick and enjoys a few dates with him—and a night of passion. But he hasn’t told her—yet—of the family rivalry. 

THE WRONG RANCHER has a lot going on as Piper navigates her new life and makes new friends. She eventually does learn about the old family rivalry, but Maverick insists that it is between his father and Elias. Will his father return to town and usurp his growing relationship with Piper? Can they build a life together as they continue to fall in love? When will everyone learn that Piper is Elias’s daughter? A compelling and emotional drama with a side of sensuality, don’t miss THE WRONG RANCHER.

Patti Fischer

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