Omega Sector: Under Siege,  Book 4
Harlequin Intrigue 
ISBN-13: 978-1-335-52649-6
June 2018
Romantic Suspense

Gainesville, Georgia The Present

Four years ago Cain Bennet, head of the Omega Sector Protection and Recovery Division, a top Federal law enforcement agency, had to sit in court and watch Hayley Green, the love of his life since high school, sentenced to prison for computer hacking. Worse, he was responsible for her arrest, and while he had requested no jail time, the judge set Hayley up as an example giving her four years in prison. Now Omega Sector has not only a psychopath killer hunting agents but also a very computer savvy mole within the company giving the killer information. It is his job to find out who the mole is, but he needs the best computer hacker outside the company to do the job. He needs Hayley's help.

Hayley, now out of prison on parole, works at the Bluewater Gill thanks to the owner, another high school classmate, who gave her a job. She works exhausting hours, not as a waitress or cook, but busing tables, dish washing, and cleaning the restaurant at less than minimum wage. She didn't expect Cain Bennet to walk in, and never expected a job offer, but she needs all the money she can get to protect her three and a half year old son, Mason. During her time in prison, Hayley's cousin Ariel has taken care of Mason. Of course, danger follows her with Cain's reemergence into her life.

MAJOR CRIMES is the fourth book in this series, but since I haven't read the previous books, I know readers will not have any problem getting involved in the story. Both Cain and Hayley are intriguing, ethical characters in an unethical world. Since Neither Cain nor Hayley trusts one another, and while it is true that each knows the truth in their side of the story, unexpected factors and situations crop up in their search for a traitor. Eventually these created danger for Hayley, her son and her cousin, and Cain, his agency, law enforcement, and even the country. This is a very suspenseful, fast-paced and rich story full of human foibles, and the trouble where those faults can lead. Good reading.

Robin Lee