BONDED PAIR - Lauren Dane
Cascadia Wolves , Book 5
Carina Press
ISBN: 978-1-488-02850-2
April 2017
Paranormal Romance

Present Day

Megan Warden is the only one of her siblings who hasn't found her mate yet, and she knows her time will come.  She never expected to find her mate at her cousin's wedding, though or that he would have a connection to her older sister, Layla.  When they first meet, Shane seems to be perfect for Megan, but not long after their Claiming, Megan realizes that things with Shane are not going to be easy.

Dr. Shane Rosario is shocked to realize that Megan Warden is his mate.  His human mother has always abhorred her husband and son's werewolf natures, so Shane lives as a human in Las Vegas.  Though not part of a Pack, thanks to his cousin Sid and his wife, Layla, Shane is aware of what it means to be mated to Megan.  But for a man who has spent his life hiding the werewolf part of himself, accepting everything that his mating means is not easy.

The last of the Warden siblings finds her mate in BONDED PAIR, but it won't be an easy road for Megan and Shane.  Megan is now the Enforcer of Cascadia the second highest ranking wolf in the Pack.  How can Shane expect her to give that up to live as a doctor's wife and a human one at that?  Shane has no real ties to a Pack, but he does have a practice and a life in Las Vegas; moving to Seattle is not in his plans.  An emotion packed story, don't miss BONDED PAIR.

Jennifer Bishop