The Montana Cahills , Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-335-01330-9
April 2018
Contemporary Romance

Gilt Edge, Montana Present Day

Tucker Cahill mysteriously disappeared nineteen years ago, leaving his father and siblings to wonder if he was dead or alive. Shortly after skeletal remains are pulled from a creek located near the Cahill family ranch, Tucker returns. He didn't know about the remains being discovered, but he tells his brother, Flint, the county sheriff, who they probably belong to: Madeline Dunn. The night Tucker disappeared, Madeline had met him at the creek and jumped into the water and disappeared. Distraught over the probable death of a woman he loved and regret over being unable to stop her, he left town.

Tucker goes to the scene where the remains were found and discovers a mysterious woman also poking around. He ends up cornering her and learns she is Kate Rothschild, a newspaper reporter and part of a prominent Montana family. She is also interested in Madeline because nineteen years ago her brother killed himself over Madeline. Was the now dead woman running a scam to extort money from young men? Kate and Tucker decide to work together in investigating Madeline because there are too many unanswered questions. Was someone helping Madeline? Turns out, the coroner's report shows she was shot, but it wasn't Tucker who fired the gun. Kate and Tucker soon realize they've struck a nerve when someone shoots at them.

B.J. Daniels knows how to create a suspenseful tale and HERO'S RETURN is no exception. Tucker left home without telling anyone and all these years his family wondered if he was dead. Then suddenly he shows up at Flint's office wanting to reunite. But that very day a package had arrived for him, which Flint hands to him. Inside is a reminder of Tucker's romance with Madeline. Is it a coincidence that her remains were just found? He doesn't think so, which leads him back to the scene of the crime, where Kate is checking it out too. She intrigues him, but he has nothing to offer her, especially with his shadowy past.

Kate is after revenge for what Madeline did to her brother. Madeline made her brother want her so bad, that when he couldn't get the money together from his parents, he killed himself. As Kate and Tucker team together, they head to a small town nearby, where they learn that Madeline was one of a set of triplets and that the family was very strange, moving out suddenly one night. Also, one of the triplets, Misty, committed suicide shortly after Madeline disappeared into the creek. What happens to Kate and Tucker after this will pull readers into not wanting to stop reading HERO'S RETURN.

There are plenty of twists and turns in HERO'S RETURN as Kate and Tucker chase after leads. Just when they think they might be going in the right direction, it either comes to a dead-end, or it brings up another intriguing twist in the story. Meanwhile, partners Tucker and Kate are discovering a mutual attraction. Will they consummate their attraction? Once they find out the answers surrounding the death of Madeline, will they be able to explore a possible future together?

HERO'S RETURN is the fourth book in  The Montana Cahills  series by Ms. Daniels about the Cahill siblings. There are still two more brothers to go and I can't wait to see them find a woman to fall in love with. Each tale can be read, however, as a standalone, as the focus is on the couple and their story. If you love a cowboy hero who is honorable and not afraid to go after what he wants, including the woman who has won his heart, then you'll surely love HERO'S RETURN.

Patti Fischer