HONOR BOUND – B.J. Daniels
The Montana Hamiltons , Book 6
ISBN: 978-0-373-78932-0
November 2016
Romantic Suspense

Western Montana – Present Day

Undercover FBI agent Sawyer Nash is recovering from injuries incurred during his last assignment when he gets a phone call from an old friend, Sheriff Frank Curry, asking him to find out who is stalking Ainsley Hamilton. Ainsley is the oldest daughter of Buck Hamilton, the current frontrunner for President of the United States, and she's presently employed as a movie and commercial scout for a production company. Right now they're on location in a remote part of Montana, not far from Ainsley's home. With nothing better to do while he waits to get called back to work, Sawyer agrees to work undercover at the commercial shoot. He's barely arrived when he encounters Ainsley, whereupon he rescues her from some falling rocks that didn't happen naturally.

Ainsley has learned to keep men at bay because many are attracted to her family's name, wealth and influence. But there's something different about the new cowboy actor, especially when he seems to always be around when she needs help. Not that she can't take care of herself, but she's lucky he was there to rescue her. After spending some time with Sawyer, he intrigues her enough that she even begins to think that he may be the one to finally give her virginity to. But before anything can happen, someone is murdered at the location site. Is it related to her stalker, or is something else going on?

Sawyer runs into fellow female agent, Kitzie, who also is on an undercover assignment at the production site.  It appears that the people running the commercial shoot may be involved in a burglary ring and are about to sell the goods. Kitzie feels she can do her job without Sawyer's help, but then again, maybe she can't. Meanwhile, Ainsley's family is preparing for an election night celebration, but will everything go off as planned? Ainsley's mother, Sarah Hamilton, is living in fear that her past is coming back to literally explode in her face. There are some years missing from her memory, and if she has them back, will she discover the truth and her responsibility in what is about to go down? What do the people blackmailing her have planned? She can't tell anyone, because their lives are in danger.

If you haven't read any of the Montana Hamilton series, then the story of Sarah Hamilton and how she disappeared twenty some years ago to only come back unexpectedly with no memory of where she'd been will be confusing. The six Hamilton girls are spoiled but sassy, and five of them have found love…now it's Ainsley's turn in HONOR BOUND. She has maintained her independence from being under her father's shadow and is proud that she can work without people knowing who she is. The moment she meets Sawyer, everything changes. The handsome cowboy is attentive and becomes her protector, never crossing the line without her approval. Soon she's falling for him, but is she pretty enough to hold his attention, especially since they appear to be ships passing in the night? The shoot will be over soon, with both going their separate ways. Is it time for Ainsley to spread her wings and find out if there is any kind of future with Sawyer?

Sawyer doesn't understand why he has these feelings for Ainsley. He's a loner by choice and no woman—until Ainsley—had interested him. His job has been his life and he's had to let women know this, including Kitzie, who is still bitter over his rejection of her. Kitzie goes as far as to secretly spike Ainsley's drink the first night Sawyer is there, but it is he who rescues the inebriated Ainsley from jumping naked into a cold lake. Their encounter only heightens the attraction that's building between them. As Sawyer keeps his eye on her to find out if the stalker is around, the men suspected of being part of the burglary ring are starting to make their moves.

In HONOR BOUND, there are three plots going on, but readers shouldn't get confused. The main story would have to be Sarah's dilemma, as it's been a puzzling question for everyone throughout the Montana Hamiltons series. Is Sarah a good or evil person? What is the reason for taking her away all those years ago and then bringing her back, literally from the dead? All the questions are finally answered in a riveting ending to the book and series that will have readers on the edge of their seats. A suspenseful and entertaining read, grab HONOR BOUND and start your next reading adventure.

Patti Fischer