The Amish Bachelors , Book 4
Harlequin Love inspired
ISBN:  978-0-373-62278-8
May 2017
Inspirational Amish Series Romance

Amish country, somewhere in Ohio - Present Day

Twenty-two-year old Fannie Erb is in love with her horses.  She lives and breathes for the opportunity to ride, train, and care for them.  Her father breeds Standardbred buggy horses, but Fannie's favorite are the Haflingers.  These beautiful horses, with their golden coats and flaxen manes and tails captured Fannie's heart the minute she saw them.  Her job at Connie Stroud's riding stable means everything to her, but her mother has decreed that Fannie will go to Florida immediately to help care for her grandmother after she broke her ankle.  Fannie can't go!  She promised Connie she would lead their equine team at the Ohio State Expo to showcase the Haflingers and promote Connie's stable.  Fannie can't let Connie down.  But Mamm Belinda Erb says that it has to be Fannie to leave; her sister Betsy is now engaged to Hiram, so she has to stay home.  This is so unfair!  Undeterred, Fannie immediately devises an escape plan...she will ask Noah Bowman to be her pretend beau!

Noah Bowman lives right across the street from the Erbs.  He and Fannie have known each other since they were born; their mothers are best friends.  But Fannie's idea is ludicrous.  They barely tolerate being in the same room with each other; how are they to pull off an engagement?  Besides, Noah has to be free to play baseball.  Twice weekly practices and the state invitational playoffs are coming up, he doesn't have time to court Fannie, even for pretend.  He laughs at her idea and tells Fannie no.

Fannie loves her horses and her job, and a pretend engagement is the perfect solution.  A real engagement or marriage is not for her.  If she were married, she could no longer work with the animals that mean so much to her, as a good Amish wife always stays home and raises babies.  Fannie is having none of that!  Things change when Noah is on his way to meet Fannie the very next day to apologize and accept her wild proposal.  Last evening, after he laughed at Fannie, the joke was on him when he learned that his mother has invited countless young women to stay the summer with one objective:  seeing Noah engaged!  Marriage is not for Noah.  Not now.  The only important thing in his life is baseball, and Fannie's idea is going to save them both.

THEIR PRETEND AMISH COURTSHIP is a delightful book!  This fun and quirky romance sparkles as Fannie and Noah trade barbs and insults while trying to pretend they are madly in love.  And their pretense soon leads to the real thing as these two neighbors suddenly begin to see each other as if for the first time.  Neither wants to admit their real feelings; both Fannie and Noah are falling in love but believe the other is dead set against marriage.  THEIR PRETEND AMISH COURTSHIP is the fourth book in The Amish Bachelor Series . This book stands totally alone and is a wonderful story!  (See the author's website, for her backlist of stories.)

I love this book!  Ms. Davids writes wonderful, true-to-the-heart stories, and THEIR PRETEND AMISH COURTSHIP is a real winner!

Diana Risso