THE LOVE SCAM – MaryJanice Davidson
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-250-05316-9
August 4, 2020
Contemporary Romance

Venice, Italy – Present Day 

Rake Tarbell wakes up one morning heavily hungover in a strange place, soon discovering he's in Venice—Italy, not California. How did he get all the way to Italy when he was in the United States when he had started drinking? He doesn't have his wallet or passport on him, and he has no idea what happened to them. Rake is soon intercepted by Claire Delaney, along with a little girl named Lillith, who Claire claims is his daughter. Rake has always used protection while having sex, so figures Claire is trying to scam him. But Claire does help him get over his hangover, all the while he's trying to figure out what is going on.

Claire is a bit of a mystery in THE LOVE SCAM. We do know that she was left with the care of the motherless Lillith after the girl's mother died and left a letter claiming Rake or his twin might be the father. Apparently Lillith's mother had sex with both Rake and his twin brother, Blake, around the time of conception. The Tarbell twins are wealthy, and the girl's mother wanted her daughter to be raised by her father, but it doesn't explain why Lillith's existence was never revealed before. Then there are the mysterious men who are following Rake, Claire, and Lillith as they traipse around Venice. Is the trio in danger, and if so, why?

THE LOVE SCAM is a bit of an offbeat story and if you're familiar with MaryJanice Davidson's books, then you won't be surprised. It's a cute and funny tale that will have readers wondering what is going on with Rake, Claire, and Lillith. The little girl is a perky kid who will charm you. Rake has spent his adult life basically partying and enjoying life. Having a child will definitely put a damper on that. Claire does get his DNA tested and part of this tale revolves around waiting for the test results. However, because he is a twin, the results might be skewed a little.

At first, Claire doesn't tell Rake that they are being followed, but he soon picks up on the vibe. He tries to get a handle on what is going on, plus trying to figure out how he got to a strange country while passed out. Meanwhile, an attraction soon develops between Claire and Rake. Will they end up being a family by the end of THE LOVE SCAM?

If you love your romance a little bit funny and even more quirky, then don't miss THE LOVE SCAM.

Patti Fischer