Montlake Romance
ISBN: 9781542016735
August 27, 2019
Contemporary Romance Novella

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Dr. Teagan Ransom returns to Seattle after a trip to New York City to learn that a mysterious—and very sexy—man has moved next door to her. After running into him—literally—she learns that his name is Garrett Frost. He is brusque with her at first, yet there is a tingling of sexual awareness between them. Her best friend, Roxy, hints that Garrett has experienced the recent loss of a child and Teagan is sympathetic to his loss. They keep running into each other, and each time there is heightened arousal humming between them. Soon, they can't resist the pull of the attraction and end up having sex. Once isn't enough and their sensual connection grows deeper. But is there a chance there can be more between them than just a fling?

BUTTERFLY IN FROST is a loose spinoff from Sylvia Day's hugely popular Crossfire series as Teagan was a minor character in that series. Teagan has her own underlying sense of grief that isn't readily apparent to readers. That is why she understands what Garrett is going through; he lost his son in a freak accident. Garrett is big, sexy, and attractive. He oozes sex appeal that is apparent to readers. There are plenty of sex scenes for readers looking for some hot reading, but it's only part of the story because the emotions between Garrett and Teagan run deep. It isn't until near the end of BUTTERFLY IN FROST that readers understand why. I must admit that even I wasn't expecting the shocking twist pulled off by Ms. Day.

The characters of Teagan and Garrett will enchant you and pull you into the story. Their emotional connection is real and makes BUTTERFLY IN FROST an intriguing page-turner. If you're a fan of the Crossfire novels, then you get a bit of a fix, as Eva Cross appears briefly. Readers might be shocked by the plot twist in BUTTERFLY IN FROST, but in the end, they'll be happy for the outcome. Be sure and grab a copy of this enchanting tale.

Patti Fischer