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The Eddington Heirs , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2928
ISBN: 978-1-335-58167-9
February 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Sasha McDowell, the only daughter of a high-powered politician in Washington, DC, heads to Chicago to help her godmother with a charity event. She hopes to use this time to distance herself from her ex-fiancé, although she agreed to not make their breakup official until after the holidays. Jake Eddington has been asked by Sasha’s ex to keep an eye on her. But before she makes herself known to her godmother and Jake that she is in Chicago, she attends a masked ball where it’s rumored naughty things go on. It doesn’t take long before Sasha catches the eye of a masked stranger. They end up in one of the mansion’s bedrooms and make love. She figures that she will never see him again.

Soon after Sasha arrives at her godmother’s home, Jake shows up to introduce himself to her. He is currently negotiating a business deal with her fiancé and wants to be helpful. But Sasha soon realizes that Jake is the masked stranger from her night of passion. She keeps it a secret, though she does let Jake know that she is no longer engaged. But Jake begins to also put two and two together. He’s appalled that he bedded her but admits to himself that he’s even more intrigued by her. It’s clear that they’re attracted to each other, but with all the barriers against them, how can they make it work?

Sasha wants a chance to break free of her controlling family in A GAME OF SECRETS. Oh, how well she does when she attends a party where it’s an open secret that sexual trysts happen. She wanted to experience having sex with a stranger and she gets her chance. Sasha didn’t realize it was Jake and boy, is she ready for round two once she does recognize him. It takes Jake a little longer to realize it was Sasha that night, but once he does, the desire for her surges hot and heavy. But even after she tells him that she has secretly broken off her engagement, he holds off trying to kiss her. For one thing, her ex keeps insisting that they will get back together. 

Sasha is finding it hard to convince her ex that things are over between them. There are strong ties between the two families, and she doesn’t want to jeopardize the long-time friendship. But in the meantime, Sasha longs to feel Jake’s arms around her. She doesn’t know where it will lead, but he brings out the passion in her and makes her feel alive. Yet Jake continues to tread lightly.

A GAME OF SECRETS takes place over several weeks and readers can feel the magical connection between Sasha and Jake. Will they finally get together? Find out the answer by picking up a copy of this sizzling tale. 

Patti Fischer

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