Sin City Secrets , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2752
ISBN: 978-1-335-20928-3
August 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Breedlove, Nevada – Present Day

Billionaire CEO Noah Breedlove is on a combination business/skiing trip to Utah when he has a skiing accident that leaves him unable to walk. The nurse treating him at the hospital in Manning Valley, Damaris Glen, is not only good at her job, but attentive to Noah. It's clear that once he is released from the hospital that he will need a nurse available to help him with his daily needs. To Noah's surprise (and secret delight), his mother hires Damaris as his nurse. He knows that if he was fully healed that he'd be wooing Damaris into his bed. But she is different from other women that he's known before…

Damaris comes from a deeply religious family that doesn't believe in gambling or sex before marriage. Noah's family owns the biggest casino resort in Las Vegas and their current plans are to expand to Utah, despite the opposition of the church. The same church that Damaris belongs to and the one where her father is a respected leader. She can't deny that she's intrigued by Noah, but he is oh-so-wrong for her. Yet, she can't turn down the offer to temporarily relocate to Breedlove—even though her father opposes it. Once she is employed by the Breedlove family, the attraction that's been simmering between Noah and Damaris turns into full-fledged desire. She's a virgin, but will she give in to him? What are his real attentions: bedding Damaris, or using her to get his family's new casino built in Utah?

SIN CITY SEDUCTION by Zuri Day is certainly a little different in a way that religious beliefs play a part in the romance between Noah and Damaris. Most of her life, she has followed her father's wishes—except for moving from Salt Lake City to the remote town of Manning Valley to work as a nurse. After she notifies her parents that she has been hired by the Breedloves, her father explodes, forbidding her to take the job. Of course, Damaris defies him, though he keeps harping on her whenever they communicate. Meanwhile, she learns more about Noah—and her attraction to him increases.

Noah doesn't feel like a whole man yet—though being around Damaris gives him hope. He goes about seducing her—as much as a man confined to a wheelchair can. They grow closer, and Noah soon discovers he is starting to have feelings for Damaris. As they work to help him walk again, will it prove to be successful, and will he get the chance to woo her into his bed? Meanwhile, the plans for the casino in Utah continue…

It's friendship first, then comes love in SIN CITY SEDUCTION. The Breedlove family is rich, powerful, and close. Noah is used to getting his way, but will he get what he wants from Damaris? Find out the answer by picking up a copy of SIN CITY SEDUCTION.

Patti Fischer